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Meet the Current Cohort

Raised in White Rock, Serena Bonneville, was on a path to study business and play soccer at the University of Calgary. Things changed when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia and spent most of twelfth grade at BC Children’s Hospital. It was particularly tough to give up sports and watch her friends go to university but she was determined to get back on track. She enrolled at UVic for a regular first year experience even though she was still undergoing treatment. Serena transferred to SFU Communications, completed treatment in January 2016 and now works with the Canadian Cancer Society. She’s passionate about healthcare.

Tristan Brimble’s interests in Urbanism stem from a childhood camping in the forests of Vancouver Island. After spending the majority of his life close to nature, Tristan moved to Vancouver to begin a degree in Environmental Studies. He quickly became aware of his passion for educating and connecting urbanites with the natural world that surrounds them. After completing his undergrad, Tristan will pursue a career with a municipal government that is working towards strategic goals of sustainability, inclusivity and livability for its citizens. He loves music more than art, drink more than food and travelling abroad while drowning in foreign culture.

Meet Calvin Chung, a man who wants to test the possibilities at CityStudio and see what the students can accomplish. Like anyone, Calvin has an interesting dream job—being a private investigator, because very few things are cooler than saying “I’m a PI.” He is currently studying in SFU’s communications program, and while private investigation remains a pipe dream, he is investigating opportunities in policing or marketing. This semester he’ll apply his keen mind to testing the limits of a project, and asking “why not?” to explore sustainable solutions.

Saadiyah Daud is a university student currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology at SFU in Vancouver, BC. Saadiyah was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and considers herself very family oriented and privileged to grow up in Canada. Saadiyah believes that no single answer exists to solve the challenges facing society and that progress doesn’t always translate into positive change. She has recently switched her field of study from Sciences to Arts, hoping to give back to her community by completing a Ph.D and possibly working as an educator or internationally for a non-profit or NGO.

Bradley Elliott lives and grew up in New Westminster with a love for the outdoors. His interest in the outdoors has translates into a passion for photography and his choice of studying Resource and Environmental Management at SFU. At CityStudio, Bradley is looking to combine a fascination for sustainability with community engagement to learn more about fostering connections in the public sphere. He practices yoga and has traveled extensively to far places like New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Bradley’s curious nature allows him to be open to many amazing adventures!

Sam Gorick is in the Communication program at Simon Fraser University. He has grown up experiencing both the busyness of the city in Burnaby and the small town vibe in Mill Bay. His interest in a more open and creative way of learning was met by the Semester of Dialogue program. With a passion in stand-up comedy, you can find him performing in various locations in the Lower Mainland. Music is also a major part of Sam’s life as he plays both guitar and piano. He hopes his interests bring both a unique and creative outlook on ideas and projects.

Amy Han is a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University majoring in the field of Communications with a minor in publishing. Amy is bilingual and fluent in both English and Mandarin. What drew Amy to the Semester In Dialogue was its unique, non traditional learning environment and hopes to bring her perceptive skills to the team and work on resolving conflicts through compromise and negotiation. When Amy isn’t at City Studio she is working on building her record collection or performing music of her own on guitar and piano, and is a film buff with a soft spot for a good thriller.

Sarah Heim is French-German and went to high school in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she got involved with social and environmental projects and exposed to many ideas, people, and cultures. This fueled her to spend time studying and backpacking in South America for her gap year. She now studies International Studies at SFU. Through her interest in human relations and connection-making in public space, climate-change related urban challenges, and dialogue she found CityStudio. At CityStudio, she hopes to develop her communication and public speaking skills to understand how to motivate people around her to care about global and local issues.

Olivia Hui joins Semester in Dialogue from Simon Fraser University’s Business program with a goal in mind: To expand her horizons and learn how to initiate sustainability projects while also realizing what it takes to work with high level stakeholders. Her time spent as a youth educator has shaped her into a patient and nurturing soul capable of understanding the needs of those she is guiding. On her off time, she enjoys learning how to play musical instruments, and is currently learning the ukulele.

Iva Jankovic is a 4th year student at the University of British Columbia in the Global Resource Systems program. A passion for sustainability, social change, active lifestyles, and community engagement are what drove her to CityStudio. After attending her first Hubbub with the Arbutus Greenway redesign project, Iva fell in love with the idea of placemaking and public space activation. Outside of her projects, she enjoys spending her time biking, hiking, playing basketball, doing yoga, cooking, and working at the UBC Farm. This semester, she hopes to find a way to synthesize all these passions into an awesome CityStudio project with her team!

Originally from Singapore, Archana Kannan (Archie) recently moved to B.C. four years ago to begin her post-secondary education studying Human Geography at the University of British Columbia. Now in her fourth year, Archie has developed a strong passion for sustainability and environment and is heavily involved with the UBC Social Enterprise Club. In addition to a deep-rooted interest in city development, she also holds a black belt in Taekwondo and is an experienced Indian Classical dancer. Archie hopes to one day work with the city departments to make positive change in our world. 

Sophia Larney currently studies Environmental Geography at the University of British Columbia, after moving to Vancouver from Lethbridge Alberta. Originating from a small town, Sophia understands the importance of meaningful connections in a community. She creates these connections using the power of humour, theatre, and education. Her open mindedness led her to study high school abroad, which fueled her drive to engage in change. Her education and passion drew her to City Studio, where she hopes to generate new relationships within Vancouver’s communities.

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Natalie Lingren has always been passionate about community, art, and design. Having just started her third year in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Natalie is interested in the process of turning theoretical ideas into tangible objects. This is not only what drew her to City Studio, but also what has prompted her to pursue a future career in fashion design. Natalie is excited at the opportunity to continue creating throughout the semester at City Studio, and looks forward to working on projects that combine her love of design with her ability to build and foster community. 

Kieryn Mathews is proud to call herself a scientist. Born in Whitehorse and raised in Nanaimo, she eventually came to Vancouver to attend SFU.  Her passion for the outdoors is reflected in both her studies, as student in the Environmental Science program, as well as her hobbies, where she plays as a ranger in Dungeons & Dragons. She was motivated to join CityStudio by a desire to break out of the lecture hall and work in an engaging environment. She hopes to share her passions with others, using education and communication to get others excited about science and creating sustainable communities.

Riley McLeod is an SFU student in her final year in the communications program. She was born and raised in Squamish, BC and moved to Vancouver in Grade 10. Some of her main hobbies include rock climbing, reading, and yoga. She also enjoys participating in local community events. She is interested in methods of using public space to connect with the community, and hopes to work with this concept while at CityStudio. 

Mischa Price was born and raised in Burnaby. During high school, he became a representative in the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network and worked hard to introduce gardens to all Burnaby high schools. Thus began his career in changing the world around him. Mischa is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Technology at SFU. He is passionate about transportation systems (an interest likely stemming from his childhood passion for trains) and is excited to imagine and create a future in which bike shares, smart transit systems and self-driving cars can be integrated to create efficient and enjoyable cities. 

Alyssa Quan is in her final year at SFU, graduating in June with her BA Communication and a minor in Interactive Arts & Technology. With a focus in Media Arts, she enjoys telling stories through writing, film, and design. Originally, Alyssa was interested in advertising, but through the co-op program, has found her love for working with communities. Alyssa is passionate about community development, bringing people together through events, arts, and culture, which makes her very excited to be a part of this semester’s CityStudio. In her spare time, Alyssa is also a dancer and member of the SFU cheerleading team!

Jacob Saltzberg is a 4th year student in UBC’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, with a focus on geography, sociology, and creative writing. In terms of hobbies, Jacob enjoys mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and is very passionate about music. In his spare time, he writes rap music, produces beats, and he can also play the guitar and drums. Jacob was inspired to be a part of CityStudio after attending a previous Hubbub event. By participating in the program this semester, he is hoping to explore how music and art can play a role in connecting communities.

Hans Sy studies Economics at Simon Fraser University, but his true passions lie in event planning and social activation. He discovered his talent for facilitation back in highschool student council and has been an organizer ever since. From dances, to parties, to icebreakers and socials, Hans is all about bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. His passion for Anime led him to become a leader of the SFU Anime Club, which then led him to be involved with organizing Anime Revolution - Vancouver's largest Anime event. He's also been playing piano for 18 years and can learn any song by ear on the spot!

Adèle Therias grew up in France and was invested in her community from a young age. Moving to Toronto for middle and high school, she led the growth of her school’s ECO team, leaving behind a legacy in the form of a school garden. She is currently studying environmental geography at UBC, where she has coordinated a weekly organic food box through the volunteer-operated Sprouts Cafe. She has also pursued research on food security with the City of Surrey and hopes to effect change for environmental and social sustainability by helping to develop healthier food systems and more caring communities.