Mark Cambell

Lead Administrator

Mark has been facilitating research at SFU since 2009 and is assigned to the Digital Democracies team as lead administrator.

Amy Harris

Graduate Research Assistant

With a degree in English Literature, my career so far has been incredibly varied, culminating with me finding the area of Communications as the one that my skills seem to naturally gravitate towards. I am hoping that an MA in Communications will develop those skills further and enable me to be more effective and knowledgeable in the field. My research is focused on the interaction of nature, technology and society.

Hannah Holtzclaw

Graduate Research Assistant

Hannah Holtzclaw is an MA student in the School of Communication and a digital fellow for SFU’s Digital Humanities and Innovation Lab. Hannah’s research engages the intersection of feminist science and technology studies, critical theory and philosophy of technology, and gender studies. Her MA thesis examines underlying epistemological and ontological assumptions of information technology design, where utilizing creative fiction and poetics as method, she explores speculative design futures for user interface technologies.


Julia Scott Lenz

Research Assistant, Assistant to Wendy Chun

I am a recent graduate from the Schools of Communication and International Studies here at SFU. My research interests include public space, urban planning, political economy, and sustainability. I can be reached at, or on LinkedIn.