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Is Hellenic Studies for you?

From Homer and Byzantium, to the Euro Debt Crisis and Frank Miller’s 300, Hellenic Studies examines the history and culture of Greece in global contexts. How did developments on this small corner of Europe spread to affect people and cultures around the globe?

Hellenic Studies is an interdisciplinary project that brings together historians, archaeologists, linguists, classicists, philosophers, political scientists, and others to the study of Greece; from Bronze Age Mycenae to the Euro Debt Crisis, with stops in between in the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. The study of Greece touches on the history of the Mediterranean, but its impacts also extend beyond the Balkan peninsula, through the silk road to China and on to the Americas through its large Diaspora community. 

You can take a wide range of courses on the history, culture, and language of Greece with Hellenic Studies faculty through traditional seminars and lectures, online, or in a blended classroom. These courses will give you the practical critical-thinking and communication skills that come with a traditional liberal arts degree, as well as an appreciation of your global citizenship which will prepare you for a range of professions, both inside and outside the academy. 

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Hellenic Studies at SFU reaches new heights thanks to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies. You will have access to a centre of research excellence in Hellenic Studies, with expertise in Ancient, Byzantine, Early Modern and Modern Greek History, in addition to Archaeology and Greek language training.

At the undergraduate level, you will have access to an expanding range of courses on the Hellenic world, as well as opportunities to internationalize your degree program with field schools and internships. You will also benefit from the many public events, lectures, and conferences held with world-renowned scholars of Greece, held throughout the year at SFU.

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Contact: Hellenic Studies Academic Advisor by email to hsadvise@sfu.ca and visit us online.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies

The Hellenic Studies Program is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, North America’s premier site for advanced research on Greece and the promotion of Hellenism.

Established in 2011 at SFU through a multimillion-dollar grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Centre has pioneered new methods for online education through the Odysseas Intelligent Tutor. Developed by the SNF New Media Lab, the Tutor has been used to teach Greek, French, Arabic, and Italian, as well as thirteen critically-endangered BC First Nations languages. Thanks to this work, undergraduate students can engage with Greece through in-person classes, online, or in a blended classroom with Hellenic Studies faculty. 

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