Earth Sciences' Seminar Series

Speakers for the Spring Series are now set (please see below).  All talks are on Thursdays from 10:30-11:30am in SSB 7172 (unless otherwise noted) . Coffee and nibblies provided - but bring your own mug!

If you are interested in giving a presentation to the department, please contact Dr Brendan Dyck.

September, 13

Shahin Dashtgard, Dirk Kirste, Dan Gibson, and Brent Ward
SFU Earth Sciences

Lightning Talks
Monday September, 17
in TASC1 7011 at 10:30am

Todd Halihan
Oklahoma State University

"Electrical Hydrogeology:  A picture is worth 1000 wells"
Oct, 11

Luke Longridge
Private University Consortium Ltd

"Crustal recycling and the tectonic evolution of the Damara Belt, Namibia - integrating structural, metamorphic and isotopic studies"
October, 25

Nathan Cleven
GSC - Pacific

"Paleozoic accretionary tectonics in the Beishan orogenic collage, Northwest China: applications for detrital geochronology in highly tectonized regions"
November, 8

Jeremy Venditti
SFU Geography

"Morphodynamics of Bedrock Canyons: From observations to theory"
November, 22

Gwenn Flowers
SFU Earth Sciences

"Adventures in a national park: lessons learned from human--wildlife and human--human encounters"
November, 29

Peter Bradshaw
FPX Nickel Corp
CIM Distinguished Lecture Series

`Awaruite, A New World Class Nickel Resource with Low Environmental Impact