Earth Sciences' Seminar Series

Speakers for the Spring Series are now set (please see below).  All talks are on Fridays from 11:30am-12:30pm in SSB 7172 (unless otherwise noted) . Coffee and nibblies provided - but bring your own mug!

If you are interested in giving a presentation to the department, please contact Dr James MacEachern.

The Spring Seminar Series is now complete - we look forward to having you join us for the Fall Series...

January, 12

Will Miller

"Earth's lower mantle carbon budget"
January, 19

Sarah Schultz
SFU Earth Sciences

"Structural controls on Viking Stratigraphy, Joarcam-Judy Creek trend"
January, 26

Masaki Hayashi
NGWA Darcy Distinguished Lecturer /
U of Calgary

"Alpine Hydrogeology: The critical role of groundwater in sourcing the headwaters of the world"
February, 2

Sam Weatherley
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

"Combined 'sedimentary' and in-situ origin for magmatic Fe-Ti-V deposits: new insights from the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland"
February, 9

Ian Graham
nKwazi Resource Management Inc

"A geologist's wanderings through industry, commerce & society: Our misfit view of time"
February, 16

Reading Break
No Seminar this week

February, 23

Aaron Cahill

"Advancing knowledge on fugitive gas release from energy resource development through multi-disciplinary investigations"
March, 2

Thomas Ewing
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer /
Yegua Energy Associates

"Tectonics and Subsidence in the West Texas (Permian) Basin, A Model for Complex Intracratonic Basin Development"
March, 9

Erik Young
SFU Earth Sciences

"Earthquake slip surface distribution in a lithologically heterogeneous shear zone core"
March, 16

Davide Donati
SFU Earth Sciences

"Characterising Landslides using Remote Sensing and Numerical Modelling: The Hope and Downie Slides"
March, 23

No Seminar this week

Wednesday, March, 28 @ 3:30pm in WMC 3260

Richard McCrae & Lisa Buckley
Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre

"Dinosaurs and other vertebrates of the Mesozoic of British Columbia"
April, 6

Chloe Chateau
SFU Earth Sciences

"Reconstruction of the McMurray Fm in the Southwest Quadrant of the McMurray Sub-Basin"