SFU Scholarships and Awards

All Graduate Fellowships, President's Scholarships, Private Awards, and Travel/Research Awards are now handled by the Graduate Award, Application, and Adjudication System (GA3)  For further information about this new system and how students can access this new system, please visit the following website http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/awards/FAQs/GA3SInfo.html

Below are brief descriptions of the main SFU merit-based scholarships/awards that are applicable only to Earth Sciences' graduate students.  For further details and the most up to date information, refer to the Terms of Reference which, as well as the application forms themselves, are available on the Graduate Award, Applicaiton, and Adjuciation System (GA3).  All scholarships/awards are contingent on the availability of funding, and the Terms of Reference may change without notice.  In addition to these scholarships and awards, there are also a large number of internal and external funded awards, ranging up to approximately $10,000 in value.  Please consult the graduate awards website for information on awards relevant to particular graduate programs.

BC Ground Water Association Annual Graduate Award in Hydrogeology


  • demonstrated academic achievement in their most recent degree program completed or in their current graduate program
  • is registered full-time in a graduate program in the Department of Earth Sciences
  • is studying in the field of hydrogeology and has demonstrated promise in making a contribution to the evaluation, protection, and sustainable use of ground water resources in British Columbia.

PetroCanada Graduate Scholarship in Earth Sciences


  • have a minimum 3.50 CGPA
  • be registered in a graduate program in Earth Sciences
  • have particular emphasis on intellectual ability, originality and ability in research

University Women's Club of Vancouver Trust Fund Graduate Scholarship in Earth Sciences


  • have a minimum 3.50 CGPA
  • be a female student pursuing graduate studies
  • be registered F/T in the Dept of Earth Sciences
  • one letter of reference from a faculty member is required

Special Graduate Entrance Scholarships (SGES)

This is a one term 'top-up' award normally valued between $3,000 and $7,000. Prospective students must be nominated for these awards via memorandum by the Graduate Program Chair to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Departments may submit their requests to Dean of Graduate Studies on a 'rolling basis' being mindful of their quota. Although there is no application or nomination form, evidence of the following criteria must be submitted with the nomination.


  • The applicant has outstanding qualifications
  • The applicant has a formal offer of admission to a graduate program at SFU, that has not yet been accepted
  • The applicant has an offer of substantial financial support by the department or the prospective supervisor at SFU
  • The applicant has one or more documented competing offers of support from other Universities. This is not required for students who hold a major external award such as NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR or MSFHR.

Graduate Fellowships (GF)

These are one-semester awards for a Master's and Ph.D. students (award value varies). They are the main form of fellowship support at SFU. To be eligible to hold a GF, you must be registered full-time, and must normally have a first-class (> 3.50) grade point average (GPA). In exceptional cases, other evidence of outstanding ability may outweigh the GPA criterion. The Department of Earth Sciences GF adjudication policy is listed below


  • Applicants must meet the University's eligibility criteria defined in the Graduate Fellowship terms of reference.
  • Students are not guaranteed a GF. First priority will be given to students in the MSc Program in their 4th – 6th semester and for students in the PhD program in their 4th – 12th semester (at the time of the award). Within this group the students will be ranked by academic merit. If there are still GFs available second priority will be given to students in their 1st – 3rd semester (at the time of the award). Again, within this group the students will be ranked by academic merit. No MSc students in their 7th or later semester or PhD students in their 13th or later semester will be recommended for a GF unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Academic merit is an important criterion used in ranking applicants. Grades on graduate courses and upper division undergraduate courses will be assessed. Research ability will be measured by publications, conference papers, and the supervisor's assessment. Progress in the program will be based on satisfactory annual progress reports. DE grades will not be considered evidence of poor progress or performance.
  • In the interests of equity, students who hold major awards, such as an NSERC scholarship, a C.D. Nelson entrance scholarship or who are self-funded (e.g., funded through employment) may have a lower priority for a GF. GF awards will also be distributed in a broadly equitable way amongst the research faculty of the department.
  • Applicants should submit completed Faculty of Graduate Studies GF application form, copies of transcripts and Earth Sciences Scholarship/Award form.

William and Ada Isabelle Steel Memorial Graduate Scholarship

Valued at $17,000 per annum, $15,000 of which constitutes the scholarship and $2,000 of which is available for travel, accommodation, and related research expenses. One scholarship is awarded each year.

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a graduate program at Simon Fraser University and be engaged in, or planning to engage in, research which requires work outside the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Application deadline is 15 March. This award is offered to an SFU graduate student who is in the research phase of his or her graduate program. Offers are made in mid-April, following a University-wide competition, for tenure in the following academic year.

President’s Ph.D Research Stipend (PRS)

A President's PhD Research Stipend is a one term award valued at $6,250 which is only available to students who began their PhD program by January 1, 2009 (i.e. students who began their program at the beginning of, or after, the summer 2009 term are not eligible to apply). To be eligible to hold a PRS, a person must be registered as a full-time regular student in good standing in the Ph.D. program at SFU and must have completed all departmental and University requirements for the degree (e.g., courses, comprehensive or qualifying examinations), except the thesis.

Interested applicants must read the Terms of Reference for this award to ensure they are eligible. Eligible applicants should apply using the "Application for a President's Research Stipend" form, found on the 'Forms and Resources' page and submit all required documentaiton to their department of enrollment. Departments must abide by their quotas and submit all required documents to the Dean of the Graduate Studies Office by the following deadlines:

  • June 30 (for awards tenable in Fall term)
  • October 31 (for awards tenable in Spring term)
  • February 28 (for awards tenable in Summer term)