EASC Adjunct Faculty

  • Kerrie Bann Ichnofacies Analysis Inc.
    Ichnology, shallow marine environments
  • Peter Bobrowsky Geological Survey of Canada
    Natural Hazards, Quaternary Geology
  • Marc-Andre Brideau Westrek Geotechnical Services Ltd
    Natural Hazards, Quaternary Geology
  • Maurice Colpron Yukon Geological Survey
    Cordilleran tectonics, Bedrock mapping
  • Sonia D'Ambra WSP
    Geotechnical Engineering
  • Davide Elmo UBC NBK Institute of Mining
    Rock and Soil Engineering
  • Randy Enkin Geological Survey of Canada
    Lithological and Alteration Controls on Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Rocks; Paleomagnetic Study of Hydrothermal Alteration, Deformation and Paleogeography webs
  • Duane Froese University of Alberta
    Quaternary Geology, Tephrochronology, Natural Hazards
  • Laurent Godin Queen's University
    Structural geology, Continental tectonics
  • Nathan Hayward Geological Survey of Canada
    Multidisciplinary geophysics, Tectonic Structure and Evolution of Orogenic Belts, Continental Basins and Ocean Margins
  • Lionel Jackson Geological Survey of Canada
    Quaternary stratigraphy, Debris flow hazards
  • Daniel Layton-Matthews Queen’s University Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research (QFIR).
    Geochemistry, Element Cycling, Economic Geology, Mineral Exploration, Instrumental Methods
  • Matthew Leybourne Queen`s University
    Structural geology, Continental tectonics
  • Olav Lian University of the Fraser Valley
    Quaternary stratigraphy, glacial geology, luminescence dating
  • Carl Mendoza University of Alberta BGC Engineering
    Hydrogeology, wetland hydrology, reclamation
  • Nick Roberts Mineral Resources Tasmania, Australia
    Natural hazards, Quaternary geology, paleomagnetism, Pliocene and Early Pleistocene glacial records
  • Jennifer Scott Mt. Royal University
    Sedimentary geology and ichnology
  • Michaela Spiske Universität Basel
    Sedimentary geology, event stratigraphy (tsunamis and storms), coastal processes
  • Bert Struik Geological Survey of Canada
    Bedrock geology - Central B.C., Hazards policy
  • Nathalie Vigouroux Douglas College
    Volcanology, Geochemistry, Geothermal geology
  • Paul Whitfield U of Sask. - Centre for Hydrology Emeritus Scientist - Meteorological Service of Canada
  • Jeffrey Witter Innovate Geothermal Principal Geologist
    Geothermal geology