April Gullacher

M.Sc. Candidate
Groundwater Resources Research Group

Areas of interest

Stream Systems in British Columbia

Measuring drought is a complex process, particularly in mountain regions due to their geographic diversity and complex regional microclimates. BC's drought indicators refer to the causative factors (snow conditions, spring and summer precipitation, preceding drought) and the resultant factors (stream flow, lake and reservoir levels). Aquifer (groundwater) levels are supplemental indicators, although there are no associated quantitative thresholds. Historic data (snow, precipitation, streamflow) and groundwater level data from Provincial Groundwater Observation Well Network will be co-analyzed to evaluate how the groundwater level responses in different aquifers across the mountain regions of BC vary between drought and non-drought years. The aim is to develop quantitative drought indicator thresholds for groundwater level to indicate the level of drought severity, test the aquifer-related drought indicators in the Okanagan Basin, and map aquifer susceptibility to drought in the Okanagan.