Dana Silerova

M.Sc. Candidate
PT Research Group

Areas of interest

Constraining the timing and duration of ductile shear in the Great Slave Lake shear zone, NWT, Canada

The Great Slave Lake shear zone (GSLsz) is one of the world’s largest and best exposed extinct continental shear zones and, as such, offers a unique opportunity to study how earthquakes manifest in Earth’s ductile lower crust. Although recent research has determined pressure-temperature conditions for various zones within the GSLsz, the exact timing of metamorphism and deformation along the GSLsz remains largely unknown. This research project aims to establish the timing of the formation and subsequent development of the GSLsz relative to regional tectonic activity. This will be accomplished through a combination of fieldwork, involving detailed mapping and sample collection, and laboratory work, including radiometric dating of the accessory mineral titanite, phase equilibria modelling, and microstructural analysis.