Nora Whelan

M.Sc. Candidate
Quaternary Geoscience Research Group

Areas of interest

Using Cosmogenic Nuclide Dating to Analyze when the Last Major Ruptures were Along the Duke River And Eastern Denali Faults in the Kluane Lake Region.

When faults, or cracks in the Earth’s crust, rupture and slip, landslides can be triggered along susceptible areas. We can date when these major slips occurred using cosmogenic nuclide dating of landslide deposits. As a rock is exposed at surface, it is constantly bombarded with cosmic radiation; this can produce nuclides, such as 10Be in Quartz. By counting how many 10Be nuclides are produced in collected field samples, we can tell how long that rock has been exposed at that site, or, when that landslide last occurred. In this project, these field samples are from areas that have experienced mass movements due to seismic shaking along the Eastern Denali and Duke River Faults.