James Dean Award

The James Dean Award is awarded to the student with the best second-year ECON 990 paper. This award is named after emeritus professor James Dean, who has held visitng appointments at approximately 25 universities and research institutions worldwide, in addition to his appointment at Simon Fraser University.

2018 winner

Thomas Vigié

Thomas Vigié is a PhD student in economics at SFU, having in the fall term of 2014. He is originally from France—in particular, from the Basque country. He did his masters in economic theory, and came to SFU to keep learning about economic science, but he is also interested in statistics used in economics as well. Thomas's research focuses on the statistical tools that are used to quantify impacts of economic policies. He is trying to build tools that deliver more accurate and reliable results in different contexts. Aside from that, his job consists in being a Teacher Assistant, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Past winners

2017: Yaser Sattari

2015: Xiaowen Lei, PhD dissertation intern, Bank of Canada

2015: Michael Tseng, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida - College of Business Administration