Job market candidates

SFU Economics is pleased to introduce the following job market candidates for your consideration.

Mahsa Akbari

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Research fields: Labor economics, applied microeconomics
Thesis: Three essays on economics of family ties
Senior supervisor: Simon Woodcock
Junior supervisor(s): Gregory Dow, Erik Kimbrough

Duman Bahrami-Rad

Postdoctoral fellow in Culture, Cognition, and Coevolution Lab at Harvard University

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Research fields: Development economics; political economy; cultural economics; applied microeconomics
Job market paper: Keeping It in the Family: Female Inheritance, Inmarriage and the Status of Women

Ricardo Meilman Cohn

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Research fields: Economics of Education, Development Economics, Labour Economics, and Applied Econometrics
Job market paper: How does increased public school choice affect private schools?
Senior supervisor: Simon Woodcock
Junior supervisor(s): Jane Friesen, Brian Krauth


Yaser Sattari

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Research fields: Macroeconomics, economic growth and development, firm dynamics
Job market paper: Misallocation, Selection, and Aggregate Productivity: The Role of Endogenous Exit
Thesis: Essays on Firm-Level Distortions and Aggregate Productivity
Senior supervisor: John Knowles
Junior supervisor(s): Alexander Karaivanov, David Andolfatto


Hanh Tong

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Research fields: Behavioral and experimental economics
Job market paper: Individual Heterogeneity in Traveler's Dilemma
Thesis: Essays on Strategic Sophistication and Experimental Methodology
Supervisor: David Freeman

Thomas Vigie

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Research fields: Econometric theory, applied econometrics
Job market paper: Improving 2SLS - polynomial-augmented 2SLS
Thesis: Essays on instrumental variable estimators
Senior supervisor: Bertille Antoine
Junior supervisor(s): Chris Muris, Simon Woodcock


Shiqu Zhou

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Research fields: Applied microeconomics, development economics, contract theory
Thesis: Three Essays on Occupational Choice, Learning and Financial Market Frictions
Senior supervisor: Alexander Karaivanov
Junior supervisor(s): Chris Muris, Chris Bidner