Graduate courses in Economics

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The core of the MA program consists of the following courses:

ECON 798-4 Introduction to Mathematical Economics

This course reviews/introduces mathematical concepts and techniques commonly used in economic analysis and the core graduate theory courses. All entering MA students are expected to enroll. Entering PhD students are encouraged to attend for review if desired.
Standard text: C. Simon and L. Blume, Mathematics for Economists, Norton, 1994.

ECON 802-4 Microeconomic Theory I

This course is the graduate-level introduction to microeconomic theory. The material that will be covered includes: consumer choice, production theory, uncertainty, and some topics from game theory and asymmetric information.
Standard text: G. Jehle and P. Reny, Advanced Microeconomic Theory, 2nd Edition, Pearson, 2001.

ECON 807-4 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

This is an introductory course in theoretical and applied macro-economics. The aim of the course is broad in scope – to prepare students for further graduate study in macroeconomics and also to ensure that all students leave the course with a policy-relevant toolkit.
Standard text: D. Romer, Advanced Macroeconomics, 3rd Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2006.

ECON 835-4 Econometrics

This is an introductory graduate level course in econometrics. The course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental theory of econometrics. The topics covered in this course include estimation, inference, asymptotics, heteroskedasticity, and a collection of other topics.
Standard textbook: W. Greene, Econometric Analysis, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall.

ECON 836-4 Applied Econometrics

The objective of this course is to produce students who are comfortable and competent doing empirical work. The course is designed to help students gain experience working with computers, understand how econometrics software packages work, become conversant with data problems, learn how to react when results don’t work out as expected, and develop a sense of how and when to compromise between textbook formulas and an uncooperative real world.
Standard textbook: selected readings.
Prerequisites: BUEC 333, ECON 331, ECON 835 (or equivalent).

Core courses are normally offered as follows:

Fall Semester

ECON 798 - Introductory Mathematical Economics
This course is offered as an intensive, two week course beginning one week prior to the start of the fall semester (usually in the last week of August). New MA students should plan to arrive at SFU before the last week of August in order to take ECON 798.

ECON 802 - Microeconomic Theory I

ECON 835 - Quantitative Methods in Economics

ECON 808 - Macroeconomic Theory
Alternative to ECON 807. Only for students with a strong background in mathematics and macroeconomics.

Spring Semester

ECON 807 - Macroeconomic Theory

ECON 836 - Applied Econometrics

ECON 837 - Econometric Theory I
Alternative to ECON 836. Only for students with a strong background in applied econometrics.