BMO Public Lecture Series

Engaging the public

The Public lecture series is an annual event that is hosted by SFU Department of Economics in partnership with SFU Public Square and the generous sponsorship of BMO Bank of Montreal. Lectures are presented by some of the top minds and scholars in Economics, with the aim of engaging the general public on issues that pertain to economics but have a direct impact on their daily lives. Below is a list of the guests we have been privileged to host since the inception of the lecture series.  


2008    David Levine (Washington University, St Louis)

2009    Daron Acemoglu (MIT)

2010    Esther Duflo (MIT, Nobel Prize recipient 2019)

2012    Jim Bullard (President, St Louis Federal Reserve Bank)

2013    Ross Levine (Berkeley Haas)

2013    Richard Blundell (University College London)

2014    Vernon Smith (Chapman University, Nobel Prize recipient 2002)

2015    Alvin Roth (Harvard, Nobel Prize recipient 2012)

2016    Raj Chetty (Harvard)

2017    Nathan Nunn (Harvard)

2018    Susan Athey (Stanford)

2019    Nava Ashraf (LSE)

2020    Janet Currie (Princeton)