Fall 2018 Convocation: Graduate Awards

October 04, 2018

The Economics Department, and Simon Fraser University, are pleased to offer multiple awards as ways of showing recognition to our bright and hardworking students. These award winners are being recognized at the awards ceremony and post-convocation reception on Oct. 4, 2018.

Congratulations to this year's graduate award winners! 

Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Fellowship 2018 Winner: Yaser Sattari

Yaser Sattari is a PhD student in economics at SFU. He joined the PhD program in fall 2013 after completing a one-year economics MA program at SFU. He is interested in various sub-disciplines of macroeconomics. In his thesis, Yaser has been studying roots of economic growth and development with a focus on firm dynamics in developing countries. In particular, his recent work tries to quantify the effects of policies that misallocate resources across firms in developing countries. In his academic career, Yaser enjoys teaching as much as conducting research and tries to teach students how to think like an economist.

Richard G. Lipsey Award 2018 Winner: Marieh Azizirad

"I obtained my BA and MA in Iran, both in economics, and I started at SFU as a PhD student in economics in 2017. I am passionate about conducting research in macroeconomics, with a focus on monetary economics and applications of search models. So far, I’ve enjoyed both being in the program and living in Vancouver. Being here is serving me as an avenue to get to the future I like, along with enjoying the time being."

Herbert G. Grubel Award 2018 Winner: Xiangyu (Anthony) Zhang

"When I was in high school, physics was always my favorite subject since it can explain almost everything in the nature world around us. Later, I got to know economics. It turns out that almost everything in our social life can be theorized or modeled in economics! And the uncertainty in economics makes it even more charming! Here at SFU, I studied as a master student in Economics. With brilliant and supportive professors as well as smart and diligent classmates, this economics MA program brought me a lot. And I am grateful to this wonderful experience!"

James Dean Award 2018 Winner: Thomas Vigié

Thomas Vigié is a PhD student in economics at SFU, having in the fall term of 2014. He is originally from France—in particular, from the Basque country. He did his masters in economic theory, and came to SFU to keep learning about economic science, but he is also interested in statistics used in economics as well. Thomas's research focuses on the statistical tools that are used to quantify impacts of economic policies. He is trying to build tools that deliver more accurate and reliable results in different contexts. Aside from that, his job consists in being a Teacher Assistant, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Congratulations to all our 2018 award winners!