Spring 2018 Convocation: Undergraduate Awards

June 14, 2018

The Economics Department, and Simon Fraser University, are pleased to offer multiple awards as ways of showing recognition to our brightest and most hardworking students. These award winners will be recognized at the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to this year's undergraduate award winners! 

Jack Knetsch Award 2018 Winner: Artem Sadreev

Artem Sadreev is currently in his fourth year in the economics honours program at SFU. He first started studying economics back in his final years of high school. He was amazed by how broad applications of microeconomics theories are. They can be used not only to analyze individual firms in the market, but can also model a very broad range of everyday interactions in our society. That’s why he was so excited to apply his economics knowledge to develop a theoretical framework that can be useful in analyzing the issue of rising prescription drug abuse. Right now, he is switching his focus a bit by studying for his CFA Level 1 exam. He hopes it will help to diversify his risks in the labor market so that he can find a job where he can fully use what he learned during his university years. He thanks his professors for their continuous support and motivation, and for allowing him to learn so much about the world around him.

Peter Kennedy 2018 Co-Winner: Grace Kim

Fourth year economics student Grace Kim is one of two recipients of the Peter Kennedy Award in macroeconomics. Grace's particular area of interest is in labour economics, and how it is affected by immigration. Coming from an immigrant family herself, Kim is keen to explore the implications of immigration on the economy, and what it means for immigrants to start from the ground up in a new country. In her free time, Kim is a foodie who enjoys trying new, delicious cuisines and restaurant-hopping all over Vancouver.

Peter Kennedy 2018 Co-Winner: Kira Dong

Kira Dong is one of two recipients of the Peter Kennedy Award in macroeconomics. Kira could not be reached for comment.

Cliff Lloyd Memorial Award 2018 Winner: Sean Lee

Sean Lee graduated with an honours bachelor's degree in economics and a certificate in philosophy. During his time at SFU, he worked as a research assistant at the department and volunteered for numerous positions in the university. Economics had fundamentally changed his perception towards the social sciences as he learnt how to construct economic models to explain real-world phenomena. Upon graduation, Sean was hired by a local investment management firm to develop as a professional in the industry. His ultimate career objective is to help clients to achieve their goals by maximizing the returns on their investments. He wants to thank all the professors at the department for all the hard work they have put into enlightening students, with special thanks to Professor Steeve Mongrain and Professor David Jacks.

John Chant Award 2018 Winner: Mudasser Ali

Mudasser could not be reached for comment.

Dean's Convocation Medal 2018 Recipient: Deven Azevedo

Deven started his studies in environmental science, with a particular interest in climate change. After working with Dr. Kirsten Zickfield in climatology research and serving on the SFU Board of Governors as the undergraduate student representative, and going on to join the Board of Directors of Embark Sustainability Society, Deven decided that switching to economics may help to make him a more effective changemaker. He has consequently been interested in environmental and labour economics. He has been working with Dr. Hendrik Wolff as an RA and will pursue graduate economics studies in September at the London School of Economics. Deven was also a recipient of the Schulich Leader Scholarship in 2013.

Congratulations to all our 2018 award winners!