SFU Economics Seminars showcase the work of field-leading international researchers and subject it to critical scrutiny. They are open to everyone connected to SFU Economics, space permitting. Seminars are convened by Jasmina Arifovic and Hendrik Wolff. Contact with any queries or for administrative support.

When: Usually on Thursdays, sometimes on Tuesdays, always from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Where: Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are held in Room 3611, West Mall Complex.


Next Seminar

Tuesday, October 24

Murat Mungan, George Mason University

"The Effects of Racial Profiling, Taste-Based Discrimination, and Enforcer Liability on Crime"

Host: Steeve Mongrain


Tuesday, November 7

Morris Davis, Rutgers University

"Neighborhood Choices, Neighborhood Effects and Housing Vouchers"

Host: Marie Rekkas

Tuesday, November 14

Arash Nekoei, Stockholm University


Host: Brian Krauth

Thursday, November 16

Xiaowen Lei, SFU Economics PhD candidate

"Information and Inequality"

Tuesday, November 21

Cathy Zhang, Purdue Univesity


Host: Lucas Herrenbrueck

Thursday, November 23

Randall Wright, Wisconsin

"Money and Credit: Theory and Applications"

Host: Marie Rekkas

Tuesday, November 28

Andreas Haufler, LMU München

“Bonus Taxes and International Competition for Bank Managers”

Host: Christoph Luelfesmann

Thursday, November 30

Michael Ehrmann, European Central Bank 

Starting from a blank page? Sematic similarity in central bank
communication and market volatility

Host: Luba Petersen


Tuesday, December 5

Briana Chang, UW Madison


Host: Lucas Herrenbrueck



Thursday, January 11

Kelsey Jack, Tufts University


Host: Fernando Aragon


Tuesday, February 20

Jonathan Kolstad, UC Berkeley


Host: Hitoshi Shigeoka

Tuesday, February 27

Nico Voigtlaender, UCLA


Host: Krishna Pendakur


Thursday, March 1

Jennifer Alix-Garcia, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Host: Fernando Aragon

Thursday, March 8

Arthur Lewbel, Boston College


Host: David Jacks

Tuesday, March 13

Marion Gousse, Laval University


Host: John Knowles

Thursday, March 15

Chris Timmins, Duke University


Host: Hendrik Wolff

Tuesday, March 20

Shengxing Zhang, LSE


Host: Lucas Herrenbrueck

Thursday, March 22

Tiemen Woutersen, University of Arizona


Host: Bertille Antoine

Tuesday, March 27

Hector Chade, Arizona State University


Host: John Knowles

Thursday, March 29

Erik Snowberg, UBC


Host: David Freeman


Tuesday, April 3

Natalie Bau, University of Toronto


Host: Chris Bidner

Thursday, April 5

Ryan Kellogg, University of Chicago


Host: Hendrik Wolff

Tuesday, April 10

Amitabh Chandra, Harvard University


Host: Hitoshi Shigeoka