Hamza Abdelrahman is recipient of Glenn Berg Super-Duper Award 2018

January 24, 2018

The Glenn Berg Super-Duper Award 2018 has been awarded to Hamza Abdelrahman, a third-year honours student in economics at Simon Fraser University.

The award, established by SFU economics champion and alumnus Glenn Berg, recognizes honours students for academic excellence in economics, and participation in extracurricular activities.

“I first discovered my love of economics in high school,” Abdelrahman recalls. “We learned about supply and demand, and it really helped to explain things on the news for me.”

After finishing high school in Italy, Abdelrahman spent time volunteering in senior homes to help the elderly stay connected with current events. He also volunteered with leadership camps that taught young students about economics.

When asked about his career aspirations, Abdelrahman says that his goal is to become prime minister of his home country of Jordan. An economics background, he feels, will provide a solid foundation for a career in politics.

Other organizations that he would like to work for include the Bank of Canada, the Central Bank of Jordan, and the Royal Court Offices of Jordan.

For now, Abdelrahman looks forward to entering his fourth year at SFU and completing his honours degree, after which he will pursue graduate studies in economics.