Celebrating 50 Years of Economics Achievements!

In 50 years, over 14,000 alumni have graduated from the Department of Economics at Simon Fraser University. We spoke to a small number of our past students. From CEOs to governmental officials, we are proud to share these profiles of our amazing alumni.  

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Martin Neil Baily  

“President Clinton read everything we sent him and was interested in economic issues and in finding the right policies.  We were blessed by good luck and good policy and the economy performed superbly, extraordinary job growth and rising living standards across the board.  It was a wonderful time to be an economic adviser.” Martin Neil Baily completed a degree in economics (MA 1969) and started an outstanding career conducting research and influencing policies, governments, and the public.

Lawrence Yeo

Lawrence Yeo (BA 1994) is an international success as the CEO of AsiaBiz Strategy Pte Ltd, a Singapore based management consulting firm. He was challenged by SFU Economics to think across disciplines and has used these skills to expand his international company.