David Andolfatto 

“People from all walks of life are interested in Economics” says Dr. David Andolfatto, SFU Economics alumnus, Economics professor at SFU, and serves as a Vice President in the Research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  

Douglas Allen

“Economics is a body of theory, and theory is there to help us figure out the answers to the puzzles around us” says Dr. Douglas Allen, Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University.  

Martin Neil Baily  

“President Clinton read everything we sent him and was interested in economic issues and in finding the right policies.  We were blessed by good luck and good policy and the economy performed superbly, extraordinary job growth and rising living standards across the board.  It was a wonderful time to be an economic adviser.” Martin Neil Baily completed a degree in economics (MA 1969) and started an outstanding career conducting research and influencing policies, governments, and the public.

Derek Bjonback  

Derek Bjonback, who attended SFU from 1965-70, completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics and says he was also excited at the opportunities opening up at SFU. “The idea of being able to study with new dynamic faculty from around the world was really exciting to me,” he recalls.

Niels Veldhuis

“In a healthy democracy, it’s important for people to have a sense about what works and doesn’t work,” says Niels Veldhuis, President of the Fraser Institute, Canada’s top think tank. Veldhuis leads the Fraser Institute today by analyzing policies from an economic perspective.