Douglas Allen

“Economics is a body of theory, and theory is there to help us figure out the answers to the puzzles around us” says Dr. Douglas Allen, Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University.  

Cliff Andstein

“There were death threats, police patrolled my house. I had regular patrols up and down my street. It was tense, and it was exciting. “Cliff Andstein, is a veteran of the labour movement and a SFU Economics alumnus (BA honours 1969). Andstein dedicated his career to building opportunities for the working class.

Matthew Sebastiani

Matthew Sebastiani, (BA ’15) is the inaugural winner of the 2014 Glenn Berg Super-Duper Chosen Few award for his commitment to community service and his dedication to his studies while enduring health challenges. Matthew‘s perseverance, academic success and positive attitude make him a well-deserved choice.

Joint Major

David Andolfatto 

“People from all walks of life are interested in Economics” says Dr. David Andolfatto, SFU Economics alumnus, Economics professor at SFU, and serves as a Vice President in the Research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  

Niels Veldhuis

“In a healthy democracy, it’s important for people to have a sense about what works and doesn’t work,” says Niels Veldhuis, President of the Fraser Institute, Canada’s top think tank. Veldhuis leads the Fraser Institute today by analyzing policies from an economic perspective. 


Derek Bjonback  

Derek Bjonback, who attended SFU from 1965-70, completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics and says he was also excited at the opportunities opening up at SFU. “The idea of being able to study with new dynamic faculty from around the world was really exciting to me,” he recalls.

Anne Giardini

“My SFU economics courses helped me to understand the economics of natural resources and to ensure that in my career in forestry I always kept sustainability in mind. I always looked for ways to support the interests of the wider community because I understood the value – in dollar terms – of maintaining a social licence to operate.” These are among the reflections of Anne Giardini, Q.C., on her career in forest resources.  Giardini is an executive, lawyer, writer, and current chancellor of SFU. Recognized as one of Canada’s most influential women, Giardini’s is a true renaissance woman.

Lawrence Yeo

Lawrence Yeo (BA 1994) is an international success as the CEO of AsiaBiz Strategy Pte Ltd, a Singapore based management consulting firm. He was challenged by SFU Economics to think across disciplines and has used these skills to expand his international company.