Dr. Douglas Allen (ECON 103 Principles of Microeconomics)

Professor Allen (pictured above) is the Burnaby Mountain Professor of Economics. He has won both the University Teaching Award and the Deans Medal at SFU, and won a teaching award at the University of Washington. His field of study is the economics of transaction costs and property rights, and he has applied this methodology to understanding institutions like marriage, welfare, the church, farms, homesteading, and the military. He has published in the American Economic Review, RAND, Journal of Economic History, and many other journals. His most recent book, The Institutional Revolution, has just been published by the University of Chicago. He often teaches microeconomic theory, law and economics, and the economics of the family. 

Dr. Luba Petersen (ECON 483 Special Topics in Macroeconomics)

Professor Petersen is an experimental macroeconomist. She designs experiments in controlled computer environments that test how people react to policy. In ECON 483, she teaches students how to create computer stimulations to model difference policies that would stabilize the economy.  Professor Petersen has worked with the Bank of Canada, published in American Economics Review, and is part of the SFU Centre for Adaptive Behaviour in Economics.