Education Building Revitalization

As of May 2016, the Education Building will undergo an extensive renovation and remediation project, creating a new and exciting environment for our Education community. The scope of the project includes upgrading of the building envelope and full interior renovations to the Faculty of Education offices and classrooms.

Building on the success of previous award winning projects such as the Learning Hub, the Faculty of Education is creating a flexible and innovative environment that reflects our belief that a healthy and safe facility is the backbone for continued excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Access During Construction

May 10, 2016

Access to the main corridor from the 'ends' of the 8000 level of the building will likely become inaccessible by the end of the week.

These entrances include the north entrance (previously where the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and classroom EDB 8680 were), and east/west entrances from the previous Undergraduate and Field Programs corridors, and the corridor adjacent to the previous Dean's area offices.

Access to and from the building will remain open near the newly renovated Hallway 1 and any other entrances not associated with the above mentioned 'wings' of the building. Access via the 7000 level will not be affected.