Nominee Instructions for the 2019 Cmolik Prize

Before completing the online nominee form, check your eligibility:

In order to be a nominee, you must:

  1. be a Canadian Citizen
  2. be a current resident of BC
  3. have an original Contribution (invention, innovation, concept, process) that has enhanced the public K–12 school system in BC.
  4. have previously implemented the Contribution (Prizes will not be awarded for innovations in the design or development stage.)
  5. have two (2) nominators who are willing to share their first-hand knowledge of your Contribution (if you are beginning this process without being nominated first; it is the nominee's responsibility to follow up with their nominators to ensure they meet the submission deadline)
    have been nominated by two (2) different people (if you have been nominated)
    (See Eligibility, Terms & Conditions)
  6. have personally developed and have participated in some way with the implementation of the Contribution.
  7. have completed the Nomination Summary Form (Download PDF Version–Nomination Summary Form) OR (Download Word Version–Nomination Summary Form) (to be uploaded into the online nominee form)
  8. complete the nominee form by November 30, 2018, Midnight (PST).
  9. If you have been nominated as a team, one member must fully meet the eligibility criteria. Teams are limited to 6 people total (including the principal nominee).

Only completed submissions will be considered for the Cmolik Prize. In order for a submission to be considered as "Complete" it must have met the following conditions:

  1. A completed Nominee Summary Form
  2. A completed Online Nominee Form
  3. Two completed Online Nomination Forms
  4. A high resolution photograph/headshot of the nominee and of each team member (if nominated as a team)
  5. All elements must be submitted no later than midnight, November 30, 2018.

The information provided below details how to complete the online Nominee Form. (Please note: Only completed online Nominee Forms will be accepted to midnight, November 30, 2018.)

Online Nominee Forms allow the user to start and save information to be completed later.

If you have questions, please see our contacts page.

Please download and complete this Nominee Summary Form: (Download PDF Version–Nomination Summary Form) OR (Download Word Version–Nomination Summary Form). You will be asked to upload it as you complete the online Nominee form.

NOTE: In order to ensure your word counts are correct and that you do not experience a loss of the information you input, should a technical error occur, it is advised that you complete the fields in a text document, then copy and paste your answers into each field when you are ready. 

If you are ready to complete the Nominee Form, visit our Online Nominee Form from October 1–November 30, 2018

(It can take considerable time to compile and complete the nomination and nominee submissions therefore, we encourage you to start your submission early).

If applying as a Team, the nominee form and nomination summary form should be completed by the Principal Nominee for the Team. Note: At least one member of a team MUST fully meet the eligibility criteria and must also be the principal nominee for the team. Teams are limited to 6 members (including the principal nominee).

Section 1: A Biographical Sketch (max 500 words)

Provide a brief biographical sketch of the principal nominee including education, work experience, achievements, etc.

You will need to upload your CV and also your headshot/photo  

Must indicate highest level of education achieved, employment and other activities relevant to the Contribution (e.g. publications, abstracts, conferences etc.)

Upload your completed Nominee Summary Form

Download PDF Version–Nomination Summary Form OR

Download Word Version–Nomination Summary Form

Section 2: Provide details and supporting documents for each additional team member (if nominated as a team)

Provide contact details of each team member, the role each person in the Contribution, upload each team member's CV and headshot.

Section 3: Summarize the nature of the Contribution and its impact. (max 250 words)

Include how your Contribution is unique, how it impacts the students you work with, the school environment, and how many people are involved in the Contribution (team members, staff, volunteers, students, community members).

Section 4: Detailed Description of the Contribution (max 1500 words)

  • Describe in detail the Contribution - invention, innovation, concept, process, which enhances educational practice or outcomes in the field of elementary and/or secondary public education in BC.
  • Include the intellectual achievement and what is unique and original about the Contribution.
  • The Contribution should be developed and implemented. Prizes will not be awarded for innovations in the design or development stage.

Section 5: Describe how the Contribution enhances public education practice or outcomes  (max 500 words per numbered section below)

  1. Describe how the Contribution (invention, innovation, concept, process) enhances educational practice or outcomes for the students you work with.
  2. Tell us how the Contribution addresses a particular need or issue.
  3. Describe how your your Contribution impacts the school and community in which you work.
  4. Describe how your Contribution is unique in the field of public K-12 education in BC.

Section 6: Describe how the Contribution can be replicated / adapted  (max 1500 words)

  • Describe how easily the Contribution can be replicated or adapted by others (schools, teachers, etc.)
  • Describe what additional resources would be needed for the Contribution to be replicated / adapted

Section 7: A Sample of the Contribution or DVD illustrating its Operation (Optional)

  • Supplementary documentation that may provide a clearer understanding of the Contribution should be uploaded below. If you have videos posted online, please provide url.
  • Additional documentation e.g. copy of patent, or patent application can be uploaded with the online nominee form.
  • The University will not return materials or any portion thereof to the nominee or nominators.

Note: Material objects (non-digital items) important to your Contribution can be mailed or delivered in-person to:

Cmolik Prize
Faculty of Education
8888 University Drive,
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Additional Supporting Documents

Additional digital supporting documents can be uploaded to a maximum of three (3) files, in this section of the application form. E.g. brochures, photos, videos. Acceptable formats include: pdf, jpeg, mp4, mov (maximum file upload size is 50MB).

Please ensure you use the following file naming convention when uploading any supplementary files to ensure that the Selection Committee reviews your uploads in your preferred sequential order.

For example:

  • 1_iPadPhoto_iPadClassrooms.jpg
  • 2_iPadPhoto_iPadClassrooms.jpg

Section 8: Nomination Requirements

In order to be considered for the competition you must be nominated. However, you do not need to be nominated before you start the nominee process. You may start the process, then identify two (2) people who may serve as your Nominators. Nominees must complete the online Nominee Form and nominators must complete the online Nomination Form before the process is considered complete.

Nominees must have two individual nominators who are not family related to the nominee. The two nominators must submit the Nomination form, acknowledging that they agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the Cmolik Prize.

Nominators may choose to seek someone else to also nominate the nominee, OR the nominee will need to seek a second nominator in order to complete the competition submission.

Eligibility, Terms & Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with the Eligibility, Terms and Conditions. You will have to acknowledge that you have read and agree. Shortlisted nominees will be contacted and asked to provide evidence of eligibility.