Eligibility, Terms & Conditions


Eligible nominees must be:

  • Canadian citizens and,
  • Resident of British Columbia

The Cmolik Prize recognizes Contributions that have been implemented. Projects in the design or conceptualization/development phase are not eligible to apply.

Note: Submissions which focus on lifetime achievement or multiple projects will not be accepted for evaluation.

Number of Individuals Per Nomination

Nominations will be accepted for individuals or teams.

At least one member of a team MUST fully meet the eligibility criteria and should be the principal nominee for the team.

Teams are limited to 6 people total (including the principal nominee).

Nomination Procedures

Nominees must have two individual nominators who are not family related to the nominee. The two nominators must submit the Nomination Form, acknowledging that they agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the Cmolik Prize.

IMPORTANT: Nominees MUST also complete the online Nominee Form by the November 30 deadline.

*upon nomination form submission, the nominee is sent an automated notification email, it is then the responsibility of the nominee to complete the nominee form and provide the information criteria in order to fully complete the competition process.

Nominators may choose to seek another individual to also nominate the nominee or the nominee will need to seek a second nominator in order to complete the submission for evaluation. Only fully completed submissions will be considered.


Nominees not awarded the Cmolik Prize for a particular Contribution may enter the competition for the Prize in a subsequent year, provided a new nomination form and supporting information are submitted, along with an updated summary. A submission of two consecutive and three times total will be considered unless the Selection Committee requests otherwise.

Responsibilities of Recipients (Winners)

Winners will be nominated for the Yidan Prize by the Faculty of Education.

Winners will be invited and are expected to attend the Cmolik Foundation Gala in the year following their award. (normally held on May 30 or 31 each year).

Winners are required to sign a media consent form permitting their images and videos to be used for internal and external promotional purposes.

Winners must attend and finalists are expected to attend the Cmolik Prize reception (usually in the first half of May) in the year they receive the prize or become a finalist.

Winners are expected to attend events and speaking engagements that promote and bring exposure to the Cmolik Prize. They may be asked to present their work at such an event such as the Innovation in Education, Cmolik Engagement Series (2018 Kelowna, Victoria)


The Cmolik Prize Selection Committee will consider all eligible submissions for evaluation. Any member not at arm’s length from a nominee shall recuse him/herself.

Submitted Materials

Material submitted with or in support of a nomination shall be received on the condition that:

  • The University will not return such material or any portion thereof
  • The University may make such a disclosure of the names of nominees of the Contribution disclosed in such material as the University considers appropriate:
    • in the case of prize-winning nominees, the University may also use photos, prize videos and additional information as it deems appropriate; and,
    • no claim shall be made and no action shall be brought against the University, its Board of Governors, Directors, faculty, employees or members of the Selection Committee arising out of the use(s) made of such material or of any such disclosure.

Note: Should you wish to submit material objects important to your Contribution, please mail or drop them off to:

Cmolik Prize
Faculty of Education
8888 University Drive,
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6


The nominee agrees that the disclosure of material submitted with, or in support of his/her nomination does not breach the terms of any contract of employment or any other contracts that he/she is entitled to make use of the material.

Award Cycle

The Cmolik Prize will be awarded biennially, unless the Selection Committee recommends a prize should not be awarded. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

If the Cmolik Prize is not awarded in a particular year, the Prize will be carried forward to the following year. At the discretion of the Selection Committee, funds may be used to increase the value of the Prize, or to distribute two prizes.

Acceptance of Funds

All payments of the Cmolik Prize money are subject to source deduction as required pursuant to Income Tax Act (Canada). Winners should consult their tax professional to manage any obligations regarding taxes.

When a team is awarded the Prize it is the principle nominee for the team who is responsible for the distribution of winnings upon receiving the funds. No restrictions apply in terms of how the Prize funds are to be used.

Prize-winning nominees, will be expected to be available to showcase the winning Contribution and promote the Cmolik Prize in collaboration with the Faculty of Education. 

Acceptance of Eligibility, Terms & Conditions

Each nominee and nominators must sign the related forms which will constitute his/her agreement to be bound by the Eligibility, Terms and Conditions of the Prize.