Selection Committee

Kris Magnusson

Dean, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Kris Magnusson is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Education at SFU. Prior to this appointment in August 2009, he was the Associate VP-Academic at the University of Lethbridge, joining the Faculty of Education there in July 1998.

Previous to his position in Lethbridge, he served as professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary. He has been involved in a variety of educational settings, including teaching Junior High School in Saskatchewan, and working as a counsellor in colleges and technical institutes such as Keyano College, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and Wascana Institute. He was the recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development (national award). His primary interests are in the areas of counselling psychology, career development and organizational planning and renewal.

Phil Winne

Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Philip H. Winne is a professor of educational psychology and Canada Research Chair in Self-Regulated Learning and Learning Technologies at Simon Fraser University. Winne has made significant contributions to research on self-regulated learning.

Before earning a PhD from Stanford University in 1976, Winne received undergraduate and masters degrees from Bucknell University. He has served as co-editor of the Educational Psychologist and associate editor of the British Journal of Educational Psychology. Winne has authored (or co-authored) over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles, over 30 book chapters, and 5 books including an introductory textbook on educational psychology that is widely used in Canada.

Cécile Sabatier

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Cécile Sabatier is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Her scholarly work is situated in Plurilingual Education and Educational Sociolinguistics, with a focus on linguistic and cultural diversity, multilingual competencies and language acquisition in minority contexts. Her work documents attitudes to multilingualism in families, schools and communities as well as it addresses issues of Teacher Education in a rapidly expending world. Her current scholarly interests focus on documenting and analyzing classroom practices as well as investigating the linguistic and professional identities of in-service and pre-service teachers of French in the plurilingual and multicultural environments of British Columbia.

She currently serves as an Associate partner for the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) 2016-2019 project « Learning Environnement Optimized for and Through Languages » (EOL) :

Tom Grant

Former Superintendent, Coquitlam School District 43

Tom Grant was appointed as Superintendent of Schools for Coquitlam School District, the third-largest school district in the province of British Columbia, in 2008. He was formerly Associate Superintendent in Vancouver School District following a long career in education as a secondary school principal, vice-principal, department head and teacher.

In his diverse roles, Tom has served on a number of committees and advisory boards advocating enhanced opportunities for children, particularly vulnerable youth. He has played an integral part in Vancouver School District’s Community LINK
Program and the Inner City Schools Project and has chaired the Inner City Advisory Committee. Tom was a Leader/Facilitator of the Macdonald Community Visioning Project and North Area Action Research Project, has headed up a number of school-community partnership projects and has acted as liaison to a variety of charitable organizations dealing with youth.

In addition to his involvement in committees and youth initiatives, Tom has long been involved in administrative leadership and mentorship programs as well as a myriad of
committees dealing with health and safety, budget, and technology. He has chaired a number of leadership teams and accreditation committees, and is an experienced
workshop leader and presenter.

Tom holds a BA from SFU, is certified in SFU’s Professional Development Program and has attained his MA in Educational Administration at Western Washington University. Based on his experiences, his study of the work of others, research, and the evidence of his own work, Tom’s fundamental commitment is to the preservation and improvement of public education, and his fundamental belief is the principle of inclusion of all learners. His primary focus is on serving the needs, interests and possibilities of each child as a learner and a citizen. He firmly believes that schools operate with the context of larger communities and must play an active role in community development as the district moves towards it’s dream of Learning Without Boundaries.

Wendy Carr

Associate Dean, Teacher Education, University of British Columbia

Dr. Wendy Carr is Associate Dean of Teacher Education at The University of British Columbia.  She has taught in the Dept of Language and Literacy Education for 15 years, overlapping with a 30-year teaching career in the Coquitlam school district.  She was also a French consultant for the Surrey and Vancouver school districts.

Wendy is currently acting president of the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, has contributed to provincial French curriculum documents and is author of several classroom and professional resources. Her research interests include student and teacher learning in French second language contexts.

Glen Hansman

President, British Columbia Teachers' Federation

Glen Hansman is an elementary school teacher with the Vancouver School Board, and is currently President of the BC Teachers’ Federation. Glen is a former President of the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers’ Association and was the Vancouver School Board’s Antihomophobia and Diversity Consultant and has taught primarily in special education contexts. He is the co-chair of the K–12 Aboriginal Education Partners and is a member of the BC Federation of Labour Executive Council.

Glen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University, a Bachelor of Education degree from McGill University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia. He also recently served on the board of the Teacher Qualification Service, and is a current member of the BC Teachers Council.

Jan Unwin

Superintendent of Graduation and Student Transition, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Advanced Education

Jan Unwin is currently seconded by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Advanced Education as the Superintendent of Graduation and Student Transitions. Prior to this new appointment (January 2014) Jan had been the Superintendent of Schools for School District No. 42, Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows. Her 20 year career with that district included elementary and secondary principal, as well as Assistant Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent.

Jan has a passion for student learning and has been part of several innovations to assist in providing students their best chance of success. She believes that our education system should be designed around offering students opportunities so they can find purpose and passion in their learning. Her role at the Ministries is to assist with Transforming Education to better meet the needs of students who are entering into a rapidly changing world.