Invited Presentations

Dharamshi, P. (2016). Renaming and Reframing: Examining learning opportunities designed for transformational teacher education. Teacher Education Research Symposium, Simon Fraser University. Burnaby, BC. 

Dharamshi, P. (2015). Creating and trying on new discourses: Exploring the pedagogical practices of literacy teacher educators with a critical stance. (Becoming Teacher Educators (BTE) professional development group meeting, Toronto.)

Dharamshi, P. (2013). Developing the ‘attitude’: The backgrounds, experiences, and views of critical literacy teacher educators. (Centre for Media and Culture in Education,  Toronto).

Dharamshi, P. & Raza, A. (2013). A (Canadian) story worth telling. Panelist for Dusty but Mighty: Using Radio in Critical Media Literacy, CIUT 89.5 FM Radio.