Dr. Shawn M. Bullock, P.Phys.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the history and philosophy of science and technology education. I contribute to the literatures of science and technology teacher education, the history and philosophy of physics, and research methodology.  

My current projects include:

  1. Maker Pedagogy: An exploration of intersections between the maker movements, the Arts and Crafts movement, digital technologies, material cultures, and education.
  2. Self-study of teaching and teacher education: An epistemic and ontological consideration of the role of reflective practice and the study of self in learning to teach. 
  3. Sir Oliver Lodge: A technical and social historical analysis of Sir Oliver Lodge as a physicist and public educationist in the late 19th- and early 20th- centuries. 
  4. The Association of Scientists for Atomic Education: An analysis of the intended, enacted, and hidden curricula of the ASAE in the late 1940s, including but not limited to its ambitions for for K-12, post-secondary, and general public education.