Dr. Zuzana Vasko

Limited Term Lecturer, Faculty of Education

  • Email: zvasko@sfu.ca
  • Office: EDB 7508

Research Interests

I teach in two main areas - Foundations of Academic Literacy and Arts Education, and my research focuses on how the arts, most notably writing and visual art, can enable a sense of personal meaning, self-knowledge and connections to the world around us. Broadly speaking, I am interested in bringing personal narratives into learning, in creative process and the in ethical implications of aesthetic education.

More specifically, I am interested in how narrative writing and visual art can enable deeper connections with the natural world, which in turn help bring about cultural change with regard to environmental stewardship and care. Among my current research foci is the engendering of empathy with, and understanding of, others (and other life forms) through the practice of writing. My visual art practice examines how we interact with natural ecologies close to home, with a view to drawing connections between human communication and language, and that which exists within the dynamics of nature.