Our Educational Leadership programs offer Doctoral (EdD) and Master’s (MEd) degrees designed for the professional practitioner. Specialized cohort options offer you the opportunity to: deepen your theoretical understanding, engage in meaningful action research and advance your career all at the same time.  Schedules are tailored to fit the busy lifestyle of the working professional.

SFU Community Graduate Programs prides itself in working closely with our local partners across the educational sectors serving diverse program and community needs through our masters and doctoral programs. Over the years, we have worked with school districts, post secondary institutions, and community organizations to provide relevant programs based in-community. 

Master of Education (MEd) program offered for Fall 2021:

No program offerings at this time.

Thank you for your interest in the Educational Leadership Programs. We have no program offerings at this time.

If you are interested in the upcoming Educational Leadership programs, please join our interest list or contact the Program Manager.

Note: These programs are tentative, pending formal approval from the Faculty of Education, and they are subject to change. Program offerings will be confirmed in November of the preceeding year, and will go forward subject to sufficient enrollment. 

Current and Previous Programs

Educational Leadership Community

Faculty Sponsors

Faculty Sponsor: Educational Leadership EdD

Renseignements Académiques: Doctorat en Leadership Éducationnel EdD

Faculty Sponsor: Educational Leadership MEd

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Sponsor: Educational Leadership K–12 MEd; Lecturer, Adjunct Professor

Professor of Professional Practice: Educational Leadership; Lecturer, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Peter Grimmett, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Adam Horvath, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Michael Manley-Casimir, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Milt McClaren, Professor Emeritus


Dr. June Anonson, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Sharon Cohen, Faculty Sponsor; Adjunct Professor

Dr. Patrick Keeney, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Cynthia Lewis, Adjunct Professor

Dr. David Oborne, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Linda Pardy, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Fred Renihan, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Byron Robbie, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Tom Roemer, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Glen Schmidt, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Jean Warburton, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Christine Wihak, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Cindy Xin, Adjunct Professor

Students and Alumni Experience

Educational Leadership (MEd)

  • Marney Paradis Executive Director, Skookum Jim Friendship Centre

  • Natalie Hargott Enrolment Services Professional at UBC

  • Peter Johnston Principal at a new public school start-up called Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL), K...

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Research Projects

Education Systems and Outcomes in Diverse Communities: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Laitsch)

Structured Abstract Database Project (ResearchBriefs) (Laitsch)

Understanding absenteeism: definitions, causes, and interventions (Nilson)

Adopt-a-Class Evaluation (Nilson)

Educational Ecologies (Nilson)

Aboriginal Transitions: Undergraduate to Graduate (At:U2G) (Pidgeon)

Learning Exploration & Academic Discovery Programs (LEAD), Program Evaluation of Aboriginal University Preparation Program (Schmidt)

Social Capital & Small Schools: An Exploratory Investigation (Schmidt)

An ethnographic exploration of teachers’ understanding of classroom assessment (Schmidt)

Parenting Project on Race, Immigrant Status, Class & Education (Schmidt)