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Renseignements Académiques: Maîtrise en Éducation en Français

Ms. Hélène Lalancette

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-6866


Students and Alumni


Languages, Cultures & Literacies (PhD)

  • Willow Allen Her research investigates how discourses of race and difference are negotiated and resisted within...

  • Koichi Haseyama Director of international school in Tokyo

  • Omar Nunez Mendez Founder of Ollin Tlahtoalli Center, interested in issues around identity and migration

  • Angelpreet Singh Investigator of Punjabi-speaking family literacy

  • Natacha Roudeix Teacher at the Conseil Scolaire Francophone in British-Columbia.

  • Matthias Sturm Worked for an adult literacy support organization.

  • Fatima Jalali-Tehrani Bilingual language instructor and curriculum developer, coming from a multicultural background.

  • Livia Poljak She would like to work with French immersion students.

  • Liang Cao His research interest centers on language and queer identities.

  • Magali Forte Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD student and busy mom

  • Brent Amburgey Worked in higher education in Tokyo, Japan; taught in Hungary and moved to Vancouver.

  • Shaila Shams Worked in Bangladesh as a lecturer in higher education sector for more than six years.

Teaching English as an Additional Language (MEd, MA)

Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream (MEd)


Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream (MEd)

Research Projects

Legal Literacy for Youth: An Integrated, Holistic Project for BC Schools (Cassidy)

Éveil aux langues et à la diversité linguistique chez des élèves du primaire dans deux métropoles canadiennes (Dagenais)

Becoming an Evangelical Worker in English: Contextualizing Institutional and Interpersonal Practices (Han)

Language, Religion and Immigrant Settlement: An Ethnography (Han)

Sociocultural Investigation of Literacy Instruction and Children’s Learning of ESL (Toohey)

Grassroots Multilingualism in Africa Town in Guangzhou: A Critical Sociolinguistic Study of Low-End Globalization (Han)

Executive Functions in Multilingual Children (Hoskyn, Moore)

Mapping and Assessing African Students’ Educational Needs and Expectations in the Francophone school system in B.C. (Jacquet, Moore & Sabatier)

Teaching Conditions in Canadian Schools (Jacquet)

A qualitative study of academic literacies and multilingual first year students in an English-medium university: Social and demographic change, multiliteracies, and institutional response (S. Marshall)

Foundational academic literacy development: A pilot study of learner contexts and perceptions of progress (S. Marshall)

Intégration des jeunes immigrants africains dans les écoles francophones en Colombie-Britannique (Jacquet, Moore & Sabatier)

Intégration des jeunes immigrants africains dans les écoles de la Colombie-Britannique (Jacquet, Moore & Sabatier)

The Use of Pedagogical Documentation to support First Nations Heritage Language Instruction in Early Childhood Education (MacDonald & Moore)

Enseigner le français à Vancouver en Colombie-Britannique, le cas des Écoles francophones (Moore & Sabatier)

Literacy of Multilingual Children in French Immersion Programs (Moore & Dagenais)

Language learning in intermediate grades (Toohey & Dagenais)

Appropriating voices:  Learning ESL in elementary school (Toohey)

Constructing bi-/multilingual competences in different language learning settings in British Columbia (Sabatier)

Coalition Politics in University Contexts:  The Role of Intragroup Dynamics in Building Communicative Relations Among Groups (van der Wey