Graduate Certificate in Imaginative Education, Online


Program Format

This is designed to be completed in one year (three terms) during which students take five courses (15 credits).

This Graduate Certificate program is delivered online using SFU's learning management system—Canvas. Canvas is a convenient, practical alternative to traditional classroom-based instruction grounding students in both educational theory and practice. 

The initial course begins with an online orientation, allowing students to become familiar with the program, the platform, the program's expectations, and the resources. After this orientation, students are fully prepared to engage with their instructors and peers within Canvas.

The same cohort group of at least 24 students study together throughout the program and small group collaboration online is encouraged. Regular access to instructors and support personnel is available.

Assigned readings in each course may be supplemented by multimedia and web-based resources, online conferencing, and shared discussion forums.


Students complete*

EDUC 725-3    Special Topics
Engaging Students' Imaginations K–Post Secondary: Introducing Cognitive tools

EDUC 726-3    Special Topics
Engaging Students' Imaginations K–Post Secondary: Deepening Understanding and Applying IE to Subject Areas

EDUC 729-3    Special Topics
Field Study in Imaginative Education: Introduction to Action Research

EDUC 728-3    Special Topics
Assessing & Evaluating IE: Theoretical and Practical Issues

EDUC 730-3    Special Topics
Field Study in IE: Conducting Action Research

A final component of this course will include the “capstone experience” in which students share their Action Research findings and IE understandings with the larger IE research community in an on-line platform.

  • Location: Online
  • Start Term: Fall 2017
  • End Term: Summer 2018
  • Apply by: Applications Now Closed
  • Tuition: $8,732.25 total ($582.26/unit)
  • Application Process


* Program courses and order of delivery may be subject to change.

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