Graduate Diploma in Education

Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Studies in Education (GDE) programs are designed in collaboration with British Columbia school districts for teachers whose primary focus is school-based practice. It provides the opportunity for teachers and teachers on call (TOC's) to engage in focused, sustained, reflective inquiry into their practice within a 2-year cohort model. The Graduate Diploma in Education offered by Field Programs in the Faculty of Education can also be used for TQS Category Advancement.

Suggest a Graduate Diploma Program

Generally, graduate diploma programs are designed in collaboration with a school district. However, if there is considerable interest in a particular program, we can work with the district to begin the initial consultation and development process.

To make your suggestion, please complete the form. All suggestions will be received by our Academic Coordinator. You can expect a response to your suggestion within 2-3 business days.  

To see what programs are currently being offered, please visit our Program Offerings page.