Curriculum & Instruction: Equity Studies in Education MA, MEd


Upcoming Event

Monday, November 18th, 2019

You Say You Want a Revolution: Criticalizing Youth Activism in the Post-Truth Era
Shirley R. Steinberg, PhD

How do we become critical allies and supporters of youth, without becoming their critics?  Our futures are determined by our desire to understand and work authentically with youth as educators, community workers, and activists. In order to become facilitators and supporters of our youth, it is essential to discuss the history and culture of youth and to contextualize the worth of an empowered youth population. Lean More and RSVP...

Past Event

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Intersections and Interventions: Making Visible the Invisible Violence of Power
Yasmin Jiwani, PhD

This presentation focuses on the role of the mainstream media in making visible, hyper-visible and invisible the violence of power. Through intersectional frames of analysis of specific spectacular cases of violence, Dr. Jiwani interrogates how frames make certain bodies legible by situating them in a matrix of meaning that rationalizes certain kinds of responses and valuations of worthiness and grievability. Dr. Jiwani ends with an examination of various tactical interventions as pedagogies of hope in countering and talking back to the violence(s) of power. Learn more...

A recording of Dr. Jiwani’s talk can be viewed here:

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