Curriculum & Instruction: Equity Studies in Education MA, MEd


Completed Comps Projects and Theses

Samples of ESE student comprehensive projects and theses titles.

  • “Anti-racism policies, antiracism education for school administrators” (MEd Comps, 2019) 
    (Committee: Beck/ Dharamshi)
  • “Mentorship education in the professional development of nurses” (MEd Comps, 2019) 
    (Committee: Sensoy/ Dharamshi)
  • “Securitization, surveillance, and policing in schools” (MEd Comps, 2019) 
    (Committee: Chinnery/ Beck)
  • “Understanding and allyship between Indigenous and migrant communities” (MEd Comps, 2019) 
    (Committee: Chinnery/ Parent)
  • “Examining the relationship between First Nations people and early Chinese settlers in BC: Shared experiences and challenges imposed by the state and current implications” (MEd Comps, 2019)
    (Committee: vanderWey/ Han)
  • “The challenges of decolonizing education in BC classrooms" (MEd Comps, 2018) 
    (Committee: Chinnery/ Dharamshi)
  • "Employment learning needs of immigrant women" (MEd Comps, 2018)
    (Committee: Smythe/ Lee)
  • "Whose stories? Whose lives? A critical narrative analysis of British Columbia's foster parent training module" (MEd Comps, 2018)
    (Committee: vanderWey/ Smythe)
  • “Integrating Indigenous education into secondary classrooms" (MEd Comps, 2018)(Committee: Beck/ Parent)
  • Unforgiveness: An alternative space for people who cannot forgive (MA Thesis, 2018)
    (Committee: Sensoy/ Chinnery/ G. McCarron; Examiner: Masahiro Minami)
  • Challenging racial privilege in international experiential learning programs with Canadian university students (MA Thesis, 2018)
    (Committee: Beck/ Marshall; Examiner: Roumi Ilieva)
  • “Reading queerly: Queer critical pedagogy in schools" (MEd Comps, 2018)
    (Committee: Marshall/ Beck)
  • “Creating Space for Transgender Two-Spirit and Non-Binary Individuals in Gender-Segregated Shelter and Housing Programs" (MEd Comps, 2017)
    (Committee: Jordan/ Smythe/ CJ Rowe)
  • “Normative Masculinities in Children’s Fiction” (MEd Comps, 2017)
    (Committee: Marshall/ T. Rogers, UBC)
  • “Teaching Unions in Social Justice Movements” (MEd Comps, 2017)
    (Committee: Smythe/ Marshall)
  • “The Invisibility of Injustice in Social Justice 12” (MEd Comps, 2017)
    (Committee: Sensoy/ Han)
  • “White teacher identity development" (MEd Comps, 2017)
    (Committee: Beck/ Marshall) 
  • “Me and the Media: Being Muslim in Canada” (MEd Comps, 2016)
    (Committee: Sensoy/ Beck) 

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  • Applications Open: November 1, 2019
  • Applications Close: February 15, 2020
  • Tuition 2019/20*: $1,908.76/term
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Teresa Dettling, MEd - Social Justice Activist.

Vive Wong, MEd - Non-profit organization in the Community Engagement Sector.

Christie Mendes, MEd - Learning and Development.

Sarah Shove, MEd - Grade 7 Teacher, Delta School District.

Madeline Brewster, MEd - High School Teacher, Vancouver School District.

Mark Touzeau, MEd - Primary School Teacher, Langley School Dictrict.

  • Shiva Manavipour MA alumna researching critical media literacy, and representations of Islam

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