Curriculum & Instruction: Post-Secondary (Victoria) M.Ed. - Summer 2015

This program will be held at Camosun College, Victoria, BC starting May 2015.

This Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is offered to students who wish to study current literature and research in education, and who wish to apply this knowledge in post-secondary educational settings.

This two year program is designed for practicing educators in post secondary institutions to examine current issues, practices, theories, and policies concerned with the contemporary educational scene.

It provides students with an opportunity to investigate the social, political, and philosophical conditions of teaching, learning, and curricular leadership in the post-secondary environment.

During the program, students will plan, implement, reflect upon, and evaluate their use of innovative ideas in practice.

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Note: SFU will consider applications from non-traditional, i.e. non baccalaureate holding, applicants based on their experience, letters of reference, and other post-secondary credentials.

The program is designed to permit students to obtain a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction following the successful completion of a series of six courses and a culminating Comprehensive Exam Project.

Students complete:

EDUC 833-5    Social and Moral Philosophy in Education

An in-depth study of the ethical foundations of education. Areas in education where ethical questions arise are identified and elucidated. Classical and modern moral positions are examined for their adequacy as theories of moral justification. The topics include the value of education, freedom and equality, and moral and values education.

EDUC 806-5    Selected Problems in Higher Education

This course is determined in context with the program.

EDUC 816-5    Developing Educational Programs and Practices for Diverse Educational Settings

Investigates theories and issues associated with developing educational programs and practices in various educational contexts. Addresses the development of new programs and their implementation in schools and other educational settings.

EDUC 830-5    Implementation of Educational Programs

Problems and practices associated with innovation and implementation including the nature of change in the educational context, the roles of teachers, administrators, change agents, and evaluators.

EDUC 822-5    Evaluation of Educational Programs

Processes used in program evaluation; including test and other measurement devices; and political, social and philosophical issues relating to the evaluation of educational programs.

EDUC 904-5    Fieldwork III

The Faculty Sponsor will provide further information regarding the fieldwork course.

EDUC 883-5    M.Ed. Comprehensive Examination

The examination is graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Faculty Sponsor

Admission Information

Program Prerequisites:

Applicants must meet SFU master's admission requirements.

  1. A bachelor's degree with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0/4.33 (B), or a grade point average of at least 3.33/4.33 (B+) based on the last 60 credits of undergraduate courses from a recognized university, or the equivalent. In exceptional cases, applications will be considered where the applicant has followed an alternate educational path and the applicant has extensive experience in an educational or professional setting.

  2. Submitted evidence that the applicant is capable of undertaking advanced work in the area of interest. This is usually judged from letters of reference from qualified referees and an academic writing sample.

  3. Several years of exemplary and varied educational and professional experience, preferably in the area of interest.

The candidate should have demonstrated interest in critical reflection on aspects of curriculum and instruction.

Students whose native language is not English may be required to satisfy the University and the graduate program committee as to their capability in English (i.e. TOEFL / IELTS scores). Academic equivalency by country.

Frequently Asked Admission Questions on the Dean of Graduate Studies website.

Program Format:

The Master of of Education (MEd) program is designed for practicing educators in the post-secondary system. This two-year degree in Curriculum and Instruction, offers the opportunity to obtain a high quality Masters degree in your local community through a schedule geared to the working professional.

  • Focused on improvement of practice through the study of educational theory, philosophy and practice.
  • The program is co-designed so as to flexibly accommodate the demanding lifestyles and schedules of today's educational professionals.
  • Cohort-based with seven 5-unit courses over six terms.
  • Classes meet every second weekend on Friday evening and Saturdays at the program location.

Program Fees:

Tuition                              $2,743/term

Other Fees
Student Activity                 $31.80
Graduation(first 3 terms)   $12.00
Universal Transit Pass      $140.00 (Applicable only to students who live in Metro Vancouver)

Extended Health/Dental – for information please go to If students have existing extended health and dental coverage, an opt out process is required if no further coverage is wanted.

On leave information (per term students)

On leave fees (special fees)

Fees are subject to change annually.  Please refer to the SFU Calendar for further information.

Admissions Contacts:

For admissions/course registration, contact Program Assistant (; 778-782-8120). If the Program Assistant is unavailable, contact other staff in the Surrey Graduate Programs office.

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Information about financial support is available from the Dean of Graduate Studies Office.

Additional information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as in the Student Calendar.