Educational Psychology MA, M.Ed.


Careers with a grad degree in education go beyond K–12 classrooms
Graduate degrees in education aren't solely for teachers. A grad degree in Education at Simon Fraser University (SFU) can help you advance your career, no matter what that career is.

Our Educational Psychology Master's program leads to the Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. It blends studies of theories, empirical research, and research methodologies that lead to broad knowledge of the field of educational psychology and its relevance to education. The MA thesis and M.Ed. electives allow students to pursue specialized studies of educational psychology in areas such as social development, exceptionality, or reading. Students may apply for transfer credit if graduate course work completed at another institution duplicates course work in this program. Courses are offered every term in the late afternoon/evening.

Masters level graduate study in educational psychology enables students to investigate topics or questions pertaining to educational psychology and to eventually pursue doctoral studies in the subject area. It is important to distinguish between educational psychology and school psychology, since they entail different degrees. A degree in educational psychology focuses on theories and research concerning human development, teaching, and learning relevant to educational contexts. This degree is useful for informing one's teaching practice or, with a doctorate in the discipline, becoming an educational researcher/scholar who works in a post-secondary setting or some other agency. This degree does not prepare you for becoming a registered school psychologist or a certified counselling psychologist. If you are interested in direct clinical practice, we encourage you to consider applying for the counselling psychology degree offered by the Faculty of Education.



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