Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream [TEAL-F] MEd

The program is currently not available.


Master of Education in Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream [TEAL-F] provides an exciting and in-depth professional, scholarly, and cultural experience for its students. English language teachers will develop understanding of educational issues and practices specific to TEFL/TESL while studying in a multicultural environment.

The program involves coursework in current theories of curriculum and instruction, as well as, practical field experiences to observe teaching practices in Canadian classrooms. This framework will enable students to apply new understanding to the development of ideas and strategies in their own or other EFL/ESL professional environments.

Throughout the entire program, personalized academic advising is available to students.

Up to 10 Graduate Fellowships valued at $3250 will be offered to outstanding students starting in Fall 2018.

Applicants residing in China may wish to contact Can-Zhong International Education Consulting Services, our agent in China, to arrange an interview to this program.


  • Sue Schreiber
    Admissions & Administrative Enquiries

Differences between the Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream [TEAL-F] MEd program and the Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) program:

Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream [TEAL-F] MEd

The TEAL-F MEd program offers unique fieldwork experiences in a variety of BC public schools (EDUC 811) and Adult TEAL programs (EDUC 905). During the fieldwork visits graduate students will observe, and engage in inquiry related to, teaching and learning in diverse educational contexts. As part of their individual inquiry projects in EDUC 905, graduate students may have the opportunity to teach short lessons to adult learners.

This full-time intensive program consists of a month-long orientation plus 4 terms, and is attended primarily by international students. Courses are usually scheduled in the daytime. Course contents address global contexts of English Language education and attend more fully to EFL situations. Academic literacy and cultural adjustment student supports are offered throughout the duration of the program. An academic coordinator is dedicated to providing one-on-one academic advising to the students.  

Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) MEd/MA

Most students in the program are full-time teachers in the Vancouver area. All courses are scheduled in the late afternoon/evenings. Since all students are experienced teachers, the program does not make provisions for Fieldwork courses. As most students also work full-time, most take one course per term and this affects core course scheduling. Course contents address globalized contexts of English as an International Language (EIL) education and attend more fully to ESL situations. Most students complete the program in six terms.

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