SFU Arts Education Graduate Diploma Students Engaging Hearts and Community

(L-R) Corinna Ulvild, . Steve Laird, Jennifer Johnson, Dinah Roy, Bill Harrington, John Fultz

Students and staff at Ross Elementary School in Abbotsford, BC are the recipients of an art installation courtesy of teachers who recently completed their Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Studies in Education offered by Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Education.

Paula Howarth, the Exploring Arts Education Abbotsford cohort Faculty Associate, presented the art installation to Ross Elementary, along with one of the mentors, Mr. John Fultz and teacher-learner, Mr. Bill Harrington, on Monday, November 24.

The art installation was created during the 28-member cohort’s Arts in the Community final term last summer. Teachers from four different districts, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, were enrolled in this program over two years.

Two mobiles representing the collaborative emergence of teacher students as artists in the cohort expressing music, dance, drama and visual arts were hung in the Library of the school. A three-dimensional free-standing piece, representing each teacher-learner’s journeys through the program was also installed in the foyer. Mr. Harrington, a Langley teacher who envisioned this art project, provided the materials and helped install the art project.

This donation provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate SFU’s collaborative relationship with the Abbotsford School District. These teacher-learners met one evening a week at Ross Elementary to study together throughout the two years. Mr. Steve Laird, Ross Elementary principal, received special thanks for supporting Ross teachers participating in the program, Mrs. Jennifer Johnson, Mrs. Dinah Roy, and Mrs. Corinna Ulvild.

One of two mobiles donated to Ross Elementary

One of two mobiles donated to Ross Elementary

Free-standing three-dimensional sculpture donated to Ross Elementary