3 Minute Thesis Faculty of Education Heat Winners

Dr. Kevin O'Neill, Dr. Kumari Beck, Stéphanie Dodier, Sri Balaji, Brent Amburgey, Tania Bakas, Kari Gustafson and Dr. Sean Chorney.

The Faculty of Education, Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the results of the Three Minute Thesis competition. Five compelling thesis presentations were showcased during the Faculty of Education heat of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition.

The Faculty of Education judging panel, Dr. Kumari Beck, Dr. Sean Chorney, and Dr. Kevin O'Neill, had the unenviable job of ranking the competitors on a set of fixed criteria. The audience members were tasked on selecting their favourite competitor as well for the People's Choice winner.

Tania Bakas won the first place AND the People's Choice Award. Kari Gustafson was runner-up.

Congratulations and good luck in the finals, Tania and Kari!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and with respect to the current social distancing policy, the Three Minute Thesis Final scheduled for Thursday, March 19 has been cancelled.

We will still be running a 3MT final in some form in the future, but given the uncertainty of the coming weeks, no definite plan has been made at this time.

The Regional competitions as well as the National competition have also been postponed.

Please stay up-to-date at the SFU COVID-19 FAQ page: www.sfu.ca/covid19.

First Place AND People's Choice Award Winner: Tania Bakas
Program: Counselling Psychology MA, MEd
Supervisor: Dr. Masa Minami

Topic: Lived Experiences of Perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda who have Engaged in Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation.

Runner Up: Kari Gustafson
Program: Educational Theory and Practice: Philosophy of Education Stream PhD
Supervisor: Dr. Charles Bingham

Topic: Orcs of all kinds: D&D and collaborative, emergent storytelling.

We would also like to congratulate and acknowledge the rest of the competitors for their impressive presentations as well.

Competitor: Stéphanie Dodier
Program: Curriculum & Instruction: Foundations MA, MEd
Supervisor: Dr. Allan MacKinnon

Topic: Perspectives on the Competency-Driven Reform in British Columbia: A Case Study of the Teacher Education Program at SFU.

Competitor: Brent Amburgey
Program: Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD
Supervisor: Dr. Steve Marshall

Topic: Post-secondary students’ plurilingual practices in the learning process and implications for pedagogy.

Competitor: Sri Balaji
Program: Mathematics Education PhD
Supervisor: Dr. Sean Chorney

Topic: Should mathematics necessarily signify absolute truth? Philosophical perspectives from Ancient India.