Summer 2020, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education:

In order to provide continuity of study, all current graduate programs will proceed in the Summer semester, employing remote modes of teaching. You will be hearing from your instructor(s) about specific changes to courses in the very near future. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition. 

For new graduate programs scheduled to begin in the Summer semester, you will be hearing soon about the status of those programs from individual program areas.

The Faculty of Education's Graduate Studies staff are continuing to work (remotely), and remain committed to supporting students. Please do not hesitate to reach-out to the Program Assistant for your program if you have any questions (if you are unsure of your Program Assistant, please visit the following page for information:

As we navigate through this unprecedented time, we hope that you, your families, and friends are safe and healthy. If you require support during this time, please visit, which has a variety of resources available to students.