Meet Our Graduate Students

  • Sheinagh Anderson Artist, researcher, teacher, mentor, and designer of Contemplative Artist Praxis as Sādhanā

  • Cheryl Inkster MA student researching the relocation experiences of Indigenous female youth in foster care.

  • Lee Beavington Artist and scientist at Kwantlen Poytechnic University and Arts Education MEd alumnus

  • Poh Tan Entrepreneur, stem cell biologist, educator, volunteer and mother

  • Shiva Manavipour MA student researching critical media literacy, and representations of Islam

  • Anne-Marie Côté C&I: Health Education and Active Living (HEAL), MEd student, RMT and instructor at Langara...

  • Sally Song Curriculum and Instruction: Imaginative Education, MEd student, grade 4–7 teacher

  • Khaled Alajlan Educator from Saudi Arabia

  • Candy Ho Post-Secondary Student Affairs & Services M.Ed. alumna

  • Kimberly Nickel Professional coach researching professional development of students in criminal justice

  • Danielle Kavin Educational Psychology PhD student and Counselling Psychologist

  • Robyn Long Educational Psychology PhD student interested in Montessori classrooms

  • Elisa Vandenborn PhD student and MA alumna in Educational Psychology

  • Dominic Trevisan Educational Psychology PhD student with research interests in autism

  • Lynda Beveridge BCIT Instructional Development Consultant, part-time teacher in a MEd program (School Counselling)...

  • Angela Crocker A writer, speaker, and instructor focused on digital living.

  • Tanya Virani Secondary science teacher, mom and lifelong Girl Guide

  • Willow Allen Her research investigates how discourses of race and difference are negotiated and resisted within...

  • Koichi Haseyama Director of international school in Tokyo

  • Omar Nunez Mendez Founder of Ollin Tlahtoalli Center, interested in issues around identity and migration

  • Angelpreet Singh Investigator of Punjabi-speaking family literacy

  • Natacha Roudeix Teacher at the Conseil Scolaire Francophone in British-Columbia.

  • Livia Poljak She would like to work with French immersion students.

  • Liang Cao His research interest centers on language and queer identities.

  • Matthias Sturm Worked for an adult literacy support organization.

  • Fatima Jalali-Tehrani Bilingual language instructor and curriculum developer, coming from a multicultural background.

  • Magali Forte Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD student and busy mom

  • Brent Amburgey Worked in higher education in Tokyo, Japan; taught in Hungary and moved to Vancouver.

  • Shaila Shams Worked in Bangladesh as a lecturer in higher education sector for more than six years.

  • Sandy Bakos Teacher, Mathematics Education PhD student

  • Leslie Glen Teacher, Mathematics Education PhD student

  • Victoria Guyevskey Teacher, Mathematics Education PhD student

  • Judy Larsen Teacher, Mathematics Education PhD student

  • Tanya Noble Teacher, Mathematics Education PhD student

  • Sheree Rodney Former school inspector (Jamaican Ministry of Education)

  • Annette Rouleau Teacher, student, researcher and workshop leader.

  • Robert Sidley Mathematics Education PhD student, teacher, writer, actor, and competitive BBQ team member

  • Marta Venturini Researching teachers' use of digital technologies in student assessment.

  • Milica Videnovic Investigating oral assessment and student mathematical learning and understanding

Students in the News

Faculty Members making News

Dr. Michelle Pidgeon was featured in SFU's Aboriginal Peoples Supplement for her research that seeks to understand issues of retention and attrition with Aboriginal students.

The Faculty of Education is pleased to announce the successful SSHRC Insight Grant applicants