Why Choose a Graduate Diploma?

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What makes our teachers unique? Our teacher learners...

are self-directed:

you decide what aspects of your practice you inquire, investigate, and research.

learn what matters:

our programs have direct practical application to your classroom practice.

know community matters:

as a member of this cohort model, you'll be in the same collaborative learning community throughout the two-year program.

utilize foundations of support:

you will be supported by instructors and mentors who are or have recently been classroom teachers.

are teacher-inquirers:

you'll engage in teacher-inquiry to investigate your interests and passions.

start where they are:

all experience levels are welcome.

strive to be the teacher they want to be:

you can work to better align your values and practice.


can apply for a salary upgrade!

completion of this program qualifies you for a salary upgrade from TQS category 4 to 5, 5 to 5+ or 6 to 6+ in districts with that category.

Meet Graduate Diploma in Education Students:

Graduate Diploma in Education

  • Tanya Virani Secondary science teacher, mom and lifelong Girl Guide

  • John Keranen Exploring Arts Education GDE alumnus and elementary school teacher

  • Kristie Nielsen Grade 2/3 Teacher and completed the Teachers as Leaders and Mentors GDE program

  • Stacey Robinsmith GDE alumnus and secondary school teacher

  • Elouise Lord GDE alumna in Science and Mathematics Education

Use Your GDE to Earn an MEd in Educational Practice

Use the credits you've earned completing one of our GDE programs towards earning a Master of Education in Educational Practice (M.Ed. EP). Learn more about the one-year MEd EP program.