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Dr. Yohana Yembise Receives Outstanding Alumni Award for Public Service

August 31, 2017

Dr. Yohana Yembise has been selected as the recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award for Public Service, celebrating her remarkable contributions in the field of public administration and policy development as the first Papuan female to obtain a prestigious seat in the Indonesian government as Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection. 

As a woman growing up in a male-dominated culture, Dr. Yohana Yembise courageously broke down barriers and gender-based myths to be the first Papuan female to obtain one of the most prestigious seats in the Indonesian government, Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection. She is also the first Papuan woman to achieve the highest academic rank as a Distinguished Professor by the Minister of Education and Culture. Yembise has devoted her life to improving the quality of life for women and children by advocating for increased access to education, health care and social services.

Recently, Yembise announced the creation of a data centre to map issues facing women and children across Indonesia. This ground-breaking initiative has led to the development of the 3Ends program that aims to end violence against women, human trafficking and economic barriers for women. She has also spearheaded the establishment of several ‘child friendly villages’ that are committed to protecting children’s rights.

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