New system improves learning

October 11, 2017

Written by Keith Mcneill. Originally featured in Clearwater Times (10/06/17) 

Three teachers at Barriere Elementary School began using vertical non-permanent learning surfaces last year. Now seven are using them.

“I went to a presentation by Peter Liljedahl on how to use them,” BES teacher Bruce Boulter told School District 73 trustees during a board meeting held Oct. 2 at the school. “I changed my classroom the next day.”

Fellow teacher Louise Dunston said she uses vertical learning surfaces to teach not just math but also English.

“It’s amazing to see the change. The students learn how to communicate,” she said.

Vertical learning surfaces means the students do their work on whiteboards that have been mounted on the classroom walls, rather than at their desks.

The approach was developed by Peter Liljedahl, a professor at Simon Fraser University.

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