Dr. Vivien Swee Leng

Vivien Huan visited the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in the Fall of 2018. She worked with Wanda Cassidy, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in Education, and her research team on cyberbullying behaviors among youths. Back in Singapore where she is from, Vivien is an Associate Dean at the Office of Teacher Education with the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Apart from collaborating with Wanda on research matters, Vivien also met up with different education faculty staff to discuss and exchange ideas related to teacher education programs, in particular, the professional development program.

Jiang Dong

Jiang Dong is a lecturer at Yuanpei College, Shaoxing University, where he has been teaching English as a foreign language for eleven years. His academic interests are English language literacy and research, translation studies and intercultural communication. He is now collaborating with Dr. Joel Heng Hartse on the project of English education in the Republic of China (1912-1949). He has his works published by TESOL Press, the Journal of Liaoning Normal University and etc.

Dr. Zhiying (Maggie) Zhong

Dr. Zhiying Zhong is a professor of the School of Foreign Languages in South China Agricultural University, China. Her advisers at SFU are Dr. John Nesbit and Dr. Sepideh Fotovation. Her research has been closely related with Applied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Ecolinguistics, such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language, English vocabulary size testing, psychological processing of English high-frequency formulas by foreign language learners. She currently researches Ecolinguistics hoping to contribute to the ecology from the language perspective.