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Faculty Research

Q&A with Dr. Wanda Cassidy on cyberbullying and the promotion of positive online behaviour

Dr. Cassidy is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Director of the Centre for Education, Law and Society (CELS). She is also the Faculty's leading expert on cyberbullying. read more

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New Faculty

Dr. Alanaise Goodwill shares her experiences as an Indigenous psychologist and educator

Dr. Goodwill, Registered Psychologist in British Columbia (BC), joined the Faculty of Education in September 2017 as an Assistant Professor in the Counselling Psychology program. She is an Indigenous scientist-practitioner and educator who uses decolonization lenses to mental health practices by addressing serious manifestations of colonial violence. read more

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Retiree Research

“Thinking the unthinkable, imagining the impossible, and discussing the improbable”: SFU’s Philosophers’ Café

Written by Dr. Meguido Zola, Professor Emeritus, discussing his participation with SFU’s Philosophers’ Café, and his inspiration for creating an FoE Retirees’ Research Fund proposal to explore Philosophers’ Café at greater depth. 

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  • July 20, 2017
    Prof. Sharon Bailin's RRF Research Activities
    Prof. Sharon Bailin is a recipient of a grant from the Retirees’ Research Fund (RRF). The RRF began in 2014 with the aim of supporting on-going research, scholarly activities and dissemination by retirees who formerly held tenured appointments within the Faculty of Education. Dr. Bailin provides a brief report of her RRF research activities.

Student Research

Dominic Trevisan, PhD student, co-authors most read Education research article in 2017

After completing his master’s here at SFU, Dominic decided to pursue his PhD in Educational Psychology. “I wanted to study in a heavily research-focused program, but with opportunities to conduct practical research in educational and other applied settings.” read more

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Visiting Scholar

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  • December 13, 2017
    Dr. Margaret Sallee visits SFU from the University of Buffalo
    Five years ago Sallee collaborated editing a journal with SFU education professor Rebecca Cox. Today Sallee is a faculty member at the University at Buffalo in New York state and was a visiting scholar in the SFU’s Faculty of Education from September until October 2017.
  • June 20, 2017
    Dr. Helena Brandão Viana returns to SFU
    Dr. Helena Brandão Viana from Centro Universitário Adventista de Sāo Paulo, Brazil is working with Prof. David Kauffman from December 2016 until June 2017 on the AGE-WELL research project into older adults and their relationship with new technologies.