The Faculty of Education's Associate Dean, Academic and Research is hosting the first annual Images of Research! Open to all current Faculty of Education faculty, students and staff engaged in research, you are invited to showcase your research through a visible representation of the work you do. Grab your cameras, create some artwork, capture it in a photograph and submit them in one of our two categories.

Submissions will be accepted until May 1, 2018.

All submissions will be featured on our website and selected images will be showcased at the opening of the new Research Hub.

Contest Categories


Are you working solo on your research and have captured a great image? Submit your photograph to this category.


If you are working with others on your research and want to collaborate on your photographs, submit as a team and use this category.

Note: You may submit up to 3 images across the two categories.

Themes to Consider

From the Field

Images which demonstrate the researcher's experience doing field work anywhere in the world

Research in Action

Images which illustrate what the researcher's work is about

Community and Impact

Images which represent the impact the researcher's work has had or could have on people, the environment, health, the community, etc.

Where I Research

Images which depict where you conduct your research or do your research writing

Note: these themes are supplied here to give you a jumping off point when brainstorming how or what you might want to capture. Other themes are welcome!

Still Need Some Inspiration?

Ways to Capture your Research

We encourage you to use your creativity when trying to capture images of your research. We will accept submissions that are:

  • real action, taken in the moment images of your research
  • staged shots of what your research looks like (great option if you don't have ethics clearance to use images in a public format)
  • artistic representations of your research; this could be a photograph of a painting, etc.
  • previously captured research images may also be submitted if they meet the digital criteria and you have the necessary signed SFU consent forms

Have Questions or Need Support?

For general questions, please email:

If you require technical support or would like to work on a collaborative piece with our Education Technology team, please email: