Faculty Books and Publications Video Series

Episode 1: Dr. Roger Frie 

The first episode spotlights Dr. Roger Frie and his publication, Not in My Family: German Memory and Responsibility After the Holocaust (Oxford University Press), which has received the 2017 Canadian Jewish Literary Award and 2018 Western Canada Jewish Book Award.

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Disrupting Boundaries in Education and Research

A team of Faculty of Education researchers published a book in the second half of 2017, Disrupting Boundaries in Education and Research. Six members of the faculty were involved in the project: Drs. Suzanne Smythe, Cher Hill, Margaret MacDonald, Diane Dagenais, Nathalie Sinclair and Kelleen Toohey.

‘Disrupting Boundaries’ is a collaboration of an interdisciplinary group of scholars who pursued the question: ‘how can we work together in new ways across our scholarly locations of early childhood education, mathematics, language, adult learning and teacher education?’ Together we share a commitment to disrupting boundaries that configure educational and social privilege, including the boundary-making practices of our research apparatus. In this volume, we present our thinking through the concepts of new materiality, feminism and posthumanism in five research stories: young learners video-making; the becoming of young children with their bio-reactor daycare building, agentic entanglements of child and beach learning to swim, affective and rhythmic diffractions of children making number, and assemblages of alienation and potential of adult digital learning. In disrupting education boundaries, asking whom and what they serve, as well as whom and what is served in the materiality of scholarship, we have found openings and imperfections that have become our ‘lines of flight’.

Smythe, S., Hill, C., MacDonald, M., Dagenais, D., Sinclair, N., & Toohey, K. (2017). Disrupting Boundaries in Education and Research. In Disrupting Boundaries in Education and Research (pp. I-Ii). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ebook available at: https://sfu-primo.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/primo-explore/fulldisplay?docid=01SFUL_ALMA51259834060003611&context=L&vid=SFUL&search_scope=default_scope&tab=default_tab&lang=en_US