Spotlight Series

Faculty Research

A Q&A with Dr. David Kaufman on AGE:WELL

As one of the co-leaders in the AGE-WELL NCE project, Dr. Kaufman tells us more about the project and his collaboration with other researchers. read more

New Faculty

Implementing Indigenous perspectives in courses in the Professional Development Program with Dr. Pooja Dharamshi

Dr. Dharamshi talks with us after recently concluding the data collection phase for her project funded by a grant from the Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD).  read more

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Margaret Sallee visits SFU from the University of Buffalo

Five years ago Dr. Sallee collaborated editing a journal with SFU education professor Dr. Rebecca Cox. Today Dr. Sallee is a faculty member at the University at Buffalo in New York state and was a visiting scholar in the SFU’s Faculty of Education from September until October 2017. read more

Student Research

Current PhD student Dr. Poh Tan focuses her research on developing scientific literacy in young children

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Poh Tan did not have an easy childhood. Domestic violence was a reality in her family. Yet, with a strong passion for science, she was determined to overcome her home problems and through perseverance and motivation she became a stem cell specialist. read more


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