2018 Student Teacher Photo Contest

Overall Best Photo Winner

Photographer: Laura Mann

Module: ITEM India

Location: Sambhota Tibetan Schools Society (Dharamshala, India)

Description: This photo was taken in Laura's grade 5 English class at the Sambhota Tibetan School as part of the ITEM-India module. The student in this photo is in the process of writing a letter to a pen-pal at a Canadian school in Coquitlam. This student found reading, writing, and speaking to be challenging in both English and Tibetan and, as a result, was not as engaged as her peers in school. Laura spent time working one-on-one with this student to help her write her letter. Her classmates also spent time helping her think of things that she wanted to share with her new Canadian pen-pal. With the support of her peers, this student began participating and engaging in the activity. This photo represents a personal highlight of Laura's ITEM experience because for Laura it represents what she can achieve as an educator.


In the Classroom Category Winner

Photographer: Katherine Muzyka

Module: PLP

Location: Richard Bulpitt Elementary School (K-5)

Description: The students in this photo are sitting on a couch during their quiet reading time after lunch. These students sit like this as they read everyday and were quite excited to have their photo taken!

In the Classroom Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Angel Chow

Module Life Category Winner

Photographer: Erin Udal

Module: Secondary

Location: SFU Burnaby

Description: As part of a passion project, a classmate of Erin taught the Secondary module student teachers how to make paper cranes. Passion projects give student teachers a chance to practice facilitating a lesson plan. These paper cranes stayed in the Secondary module's classroom throughout the entire semester. To Erin, these paper cranes represented the diverse skills and experiences that each student teacher brought to the module.

Module Life Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Sabrina Goglia

Module: LUC

Location: Georges Vanier Elementary School

Description: This photo was taken at Georges Vanier Elementary School where student teacher from the LUC and PQP module worked together to put on an unforgettable DreamCamp during Spring Break. This photo shows the collective work of all the students over the week and the beautiful work of art that they pieced together to commemorate DreamCamp.

ITEM Experiences Category Winner

Photographer: Caine Bucholtz

Module: ITEM India

Location: New Delhi, India

Description: The Muhammed Shah Sayyid Tomb in New Delhi was the first stop that the ITEM India student teachers made on their roadtrip from New Delhi to Dharamsala. In the surrounding grass, kids played and families ate lunch. At this point in the trip, the ITEM India student teachers were starting to feel the jet-lag wearing off and were able to start enjoying their time in India. For Caine, this stop represented the moment when he started to feel more comfortable in a foreign place and began to feel excited for what was to come.

ITEM Experiences Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Stephen Frampton

Module: ITEM Mexico

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Description: This photo features decorations for Day of the Dead, a holiday observed in Mexico where family and friends gather together to pray for, and remember, loved ones who have died and to support their spiritual journeys. 

People Category Winner

Photographer: Tess Charbonneau

Module: C3

Description: This photo was taken on none other than crazy hair day!

People Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Nickolas Brletic

Module: French-Surrey

Location: Westridge Elementary School

Description: This photo was taken at Westridge Elemetary School on Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day is an initiative that takes place in workplaces and schools to combat bullying and cyberbullying.